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15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 7:18 am

We hear about lots of weird and bizarre things happening almost every day. Only a few individuals can witness such things live. We all have neighbors. Even a ruthless criminal will have neighbors. Do you have crazy people living in your neighborhood? Well, these fifteen people had! Read fifteen crazy neighbor stories as told by people, in their words. 
4.Crazy and Irresponsible Upstairs Girl

In the first apartment my fiancé and I lived in, our upstairs neighbor overflowed her bath tub.... TWICE.
The first time, she claimed she fell asleep while the tub was running. I raced upstairs and started banging on her door, and that's apparently what woke her up. She never answered the door, she just simply cut the water off. We had to call emergency maintenance to come out, and they ended up calling one of the "disaster" clean up services. They ripped up our carpet in the dining room, hallway, and into the bedroom, and left us with seven loud, giant fans.
The second time she did it (two weeks later) our ceiling in the bathroom basically collapsed. Thank God we were moving, so we didn't have to deal with it for very long.

Crazy and Irresponsible Upstairs Girl-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

5.Old Men Who Left Something Bizarre for Family

My old neighbor was this sweet old man who served in the Pacific during world War II. He had some serious PTSD and sometimes would have flashbacks while I was at his house, grabbing me and pulling us behind the coffee table and casting about for a weapon. He was one of the kindest, most compassionate people I knew, and when he died from cancer I was really upset. Some time went by, and his relatives showed up to claim the things he left to them in his will. About 45 minutes later the bomb disposal squad shows up and evacuates everyone on the block. It turns out he had an old collection of about 20 WWII hand grenades in his closet, still primed and volatile. They were extremely unstable, and the police weren't sure they could move them and almost resorted to detonating them on site. They managed to disarm them safely, but to this day, I think about my perfect, kind, elderly neighbor and how he could have blown up the neighborhood in a moment of PTSD-fueled confusion.

Old Men Who Left Something Bizarre for Family-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

6.And the Little Girl Who Will Not Stop Screaming

These brand new parents moved into the apartment underneath mine in the summer of 2010. Their little girl woke up every night between 2 and 4 and would just start screaming bloody murder. After a couple of weeks, they stopped getting up to check on her, and sometimes she would scream for hours, to the point that I legitimately became concerned that I should contact social services. They moved out before that happened.

And the Little Girl Who Will Not Stop Screaming-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

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