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12 Bizarre Beauty Contests Around The World

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 9:25 am

Beauty contents! The two words excite most men. Do you want to know who are the most beautiful girls in your city or town are? Attend a local beauty contest! A beauty pageant is one of the very rare events where you see a bunch of pretty looking women all at one place, competing against each other. We usually associate physical beauty to beauty pageants. What most of us don't know is that beauty contests are so diverse that we find some of them weird. Imagine pregnant women in a two-piece, walking on a ramp, competing against each other in a beauty pageant! You are about to read more such bizarre beauty contests! Check these 12 weird beauty pageants that make you say WTF!
10.Miss Pregnant

Miss Pregnant pits preggos against preggos in a beauty contest where the bigger the better. A great way for women to feel beautiful even as their waistlines expand, their ankles swell, and their breasts blow up like balloons. Wearing bikinis, the best baby bump wins the title of Miss Pregnant.

Miss Pregnant-12 Bizarre Beauty Contests Around The World

11.Miss American Vampire

No one talks about vampires or zombies more than the Americans. In fact, vampires are so popular in the States that many vampire-themed movies and television franchises are worth billions of dollars! In the 1960s, a vampire television show called 'Dark Shadows' was very successful. The show was so popular that the producers wanted to make a spinoff movie out of it. They did it, and to promote the film, they conducted a beauty contest called 'Miss American Vampire.' As the name suggests, all the contestants must dress themselves to look like vampires! 

Miss American Vampire-12 Bizarre Beauty Contests Around The World

12.Mosquito Legs Contest

To be called mosquito legs in most places might be considered an insult, but not in Clute, Texas. As part of the Great Texas Mosquito Festival, men and women compete in the Mr. and Miss Mosquito Legs competition by strutting their stuff in a pair of shorts. The bests legs wins the crown.

Mosquito Legs Contest-12 Bizarre Beauty Contests Around The World

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