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Bizarre Statues Created From Your Nightmares

Monday, Jun 15, 2020, 8:13 pm

1.Mr. Darcy

Tall, dark and handsome may be the man of your dreams, but twelve foot Mr. Darcy may be the man of your nightmares. The sculpture, in Hyde Park, London, looks to be coming up from under the water, soaking wet and mysterious. The famous statue was inspired by Colin Firth's lake scene in the miniseries, Pride And Prejudice, from 1995.

2.Hoof Handed Statue

On the side of the road in Fredericton, New Brunswick, there is a statue that would definitely haunt your nightmares. Created by a group of local artists, it is made from Halloween props and part of animals. It could be interpreted as a scarecrow of sorts, but it has scared many children and adults, alike.

3.Victoria's Way Indian Sculpture Park

When walking through the Indian Sculpture Park at Victoria's Way in County Wicklow, you will find statues that depict the journey to fulfillment. With three bronze and thirty three black granite statues covering covering the 22 acre park, it was designed for people to meditate. Each statue is designed to help us reflect on different states of being.

4.Baby Eating Ogre Of Bern

There seems to be a lot of weird statues that feature babies in odd ways. In 1546, a statue called The Baby Eating Orgre of Bern was resurrected in Bern, Switzerland. A mystery to most, the statue is said to be a replica of the Greek titan, Khronos, who ate all his children because someone told him that his children would kill him one day.

5.Transi De Rene De Chalon

Transi is the portrayal of the body as it decays from life to death. The monument at the Saint Erienne Church of Bar le Duc, France is in honor of Rene de Chalon who died in battle at the age of 25. The Prince of Orange died in 1544, and his life sized skeleton, used to hold his actual dried out heart.

6.penis Foundation

Where else but in Amsterdam would you find a statue of a giant penis? Out in front of Casa Rosso, the largest live sex theater in the country, the phallic statue is actually a water fountain, spraying water from underneath. Perfect for the Red Light District that promotes adult entertainment for both sexes.

7.La Pasqualita

La Pasqualita is a statue of a woman in a wedding gown that has been sitting in the window of a shop in Chihuahua, Mexico, since March 25, 1930. So lifelike it's scary. From her real, human hair to the veins beneath the skin and her lined hands, she looks eerily like the original shop keeper's deceased daughter, who died on her wedding day after a lethal spider bite.


8.Zwerglgarten The Dwarf Garden

At the Mirabelle Palace in Austria, the Zwerglgarten was built in honor of Prince Archbishop Wolf dietrich von Raitenau's mistress. Though the garden was built to honor the castle's builder's mistress, the palace became home to Archbishop Franz Anton Harrach in 1715, who employed dwarves to serve at the palace. Statues of dwarves were placed in the garden, and the garden became known as Dwarf Garden.

9.Man Chasing Four Geniuses

Artist Gustav Vigeland is responsible for sculpting over 200 bronze statues for Vigeland Park in Norway. Intended to show the circle of life, one of the statues called, Man Chasing Four Geniuses, is one of the more bizarre sculptures that resides there. Most people refer to the statues as Man Attacked By Babies.


10.Monument To Enemas

Most people hate enemas, and some have never even had one, so to have a statue honoring the enema is quite strange indeed. Out in front of the Mashuk Akva-Term spa, is giant enema statue, representing the cleansing enemas, done with water from the natural springs of the Caucasus Mountains, that are given within the spa.

11.Bosc De Can Ginebreda

Just two hours north of Barcelona, Spain is a sculpture park called Bosc de Can Ginegreda, located in Juniper Forest. The statues are not intended kids, but are adult erotica and porn type statues, sculpted by Xicu Cabanyes. Visited by over 100 people each week, guests are in for an eyeful.


12.Black Aggie

Black Aggie was rejected by the Smithsonian and now resides in the courtyard of the National Courts Building in Washing D.C. The statue is a duplicate of a statue called, Grief, that was sculpted to memorialized Marian "Clover" Adams, the wife of Henry Adams. When she committed suicide, Henry had a pink granite statue created.


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