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Bizarre Curses

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 5:46 pm

1.The Kennedy Family

This family must have a curse when you look at the things that they have had to deal with. Tragic deaths, assassinations, people in crashes surviving when they were not a Kennedy when they had died, so it is no wonder that people believed that this family had some kind of hex over them.

2.Roman Polanski

Is he cursed or is he just unlucky? He managed to survive the Holocaust, but then his wife was murdered by the Manson family, his life fell apart, and he was in trouble for having sex with a minor. Some said it was due to his fascination with the occult, but did he just have some bad luck more than anything else?

3.Ted Hughes

This curse focused on his marriage to another poet called Sylvia Plath. The bad luck started after he cheated on her and their marriage then collapsed. She killed herself as a result, the woman he was with had his children until she discovered he was unfaithful and she killed herself and one of the children using the same method as Sylvia. His other son later killed himself as well.


They say that when they were making the movie Poltergeist that at one point they used real human remains and this then placed a curse on the movie. After that, a couple of people that appeared in the movie had an early death, but how much you read into it is entirely up to you.

5.The 27 club

There is this strange thing going on with certain celebrities in that a number of musicians, as well as actors, have all died when they got to the age of 27. This image shows just a few that have apparently fallen victim to it, but surely it is all just coincidence?


This is probably the most famous curse to have ever existed as there was the belief that everybody that was present when the tomb was uncovered then died a horrible or strange death. At one point 11 people had died within a few years, so were they attacked by something protecting the Pharaoh?

7.The Hope diamond

The idea of an actual jewel being cursed is probably not a new thing and this diamond certainly has one heck of a story behind it. The original diamond was said to be stolen from a Hindu statue. They say that the person was then torn apart by wild dogs, then Louis XVI was beheaded, and there have been some unfortunate moments for other owners.


8.James Deans Porsche

The problem with this car is the number of people that have been killed as a result of having some kind of connection with it. Of course James Dean was killed, but it had already killed two people before he owned it, parts were then used in two other cars and the people in them were killed, and when put on display the building went on fire.

9.Curse of Superman

This curse appears to be focused on two actors. George Reeves and Christopher Reeve. George hated fame and managed to ruin his career before killing himself and Christopher was paralyzed after an accident before dying in 2004 with his wife dying of lung cancer the following year even though she never smoked in her life.


10.Curse of Tippecanoe

This curse is something that US presidents have been worried about for quite some time. Indeed, any president that was elected when the year ended with a zero seemed to come to quite a sticky end. Four were assassinated, and two died while in office, so there was relief when Reagan managed to break the curse.

11.John Lennon and number 9

John Lennon believed that he was cursed by the number 9 and there were various reasons as to why he believed this to be the case. He was born on the 9th of the month, the Beatles were discovered on the 9th of the month, they played the Ed Sullivan show on the 9th, Yoko appeared on the 9th, the Beatles were together for 9 years, his son was born 9 years after meeting Yoko on the 9th, and he was shot and killed on the 8th, but in his home town it was the 9th.


12.Curse of the Bambino

This curse is related to the Boston Red Sox and they believed that they were cursed after they allowed Babe Ruth to move to the Yankees in 1920. Up until then the Yankees had never won a World Series and after he left Boston never won another until 2004 when they beat the Yankees.


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