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Bizarre Prehistoric Bugs

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 7:46 pm


This butterfly moth was more than double the size of the ones we get today, so imagine that thing flying towards you when you are scared of insects. Imagine this guy here doubled in size to get some kind of an indication and you see how scary that would be.

2.Drynid wasp

You have to admit that this is one scary wasp. It was massive, it packed a powerful punch and basically if you are scared of the ones that we get today, then you would have not enjoyed running into this guy at all. Sleep easy after looking at this photograph.


If you thought the centipede was big then this makes it appear as if it is a dwarf. This bug grew 8 feet long and 2 feet wide and this really is huge. It was found in what is now modern day Scotland and you would seriously jump out of your skin if you saw it coming towards you.

4.Giant clam

Are you surprised to hear that this giant version reached a length of 10 feet? You may not see it as a bug, but it is still very impressive. This is more than double the size you would expect for modern day equivalents so that shows how huge it is.

5.Giant centipede

At first glance the centipede may not appear to be any different; however, this ancient one actually measured 3 feet long and this is more than the modern day version where it reaches up to 10 inches. This would have been one scary bug if you were unfortunate enough to meet it.


There is a chance that this was the biggest predator in the water during prehistoric times. Fossils show that it grew up to 30 feet long and it had to lie in the deep sea due to the size. It was almost blind, was lazy, but it was still huge.

7.Giant land scorpion

If you stayed out of the sea you would be fine and would not meet the sea version, but the problem is that there was also a land version This time it measured 2 feet long and that is a lot bigger than what we have now This version was alive 400 million years ago and it is great knowing we never have to deal with it


8.Sea scorpion

Very few like a scorpion and imagine how few would like them if they ever met this giant sea version This scorpion measured 8 feet long and the fossils show that just one of the pincers was at least 18 inches. Basically this guy was the size of a crocodile but thankfully they died out 250 million years ago

9.Giant snail

This giant snail puts the biggest snail today to shame The biggest now can be 7 inches long but this giant version was at least 2 feet long and that really is huge. This would have looked seriously strange but it is quite funny that it was found in France since they enjoy eating them.


10.Giant dragonfly

When we say giant we really do mean it because this fellow had a wingspan that was at least 2 feet and its main body was almost 17 inches long. They say that it fed on small animals with squirrels and frogs being a staple part of its diet and you have to be quite happy that it is now extinct.

11.The giant crab

This crab really is huge as it measures 2 feet in length and imagine that sitting in a restaurant It was alive on this earth 500 million years ago in the Palaezoic era and it was supposedly still in existence 300 million years later. This bug really is a sturdy guy.


12.Undersea squid shrimp

Its full name is Anomalocaris Canadensis and it is basically a strange combination between a squid and a shrimp. This bug was only three feet long, but it had some serious teeth that meant it was something that you should not mess with. The good news is that it only lived 500 million years ago and it means we just have to deal with the fossil records


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