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15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 11:32 am

The Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, news sites, or sites like ours represent just one side of the internet! There is a dark side to the internet that many of us don't know. You would find highly disturbing and disgusting pictures/videos there. Known as 'shock sites,' there are at least a few dozen popular sites that host uncensored suicide, rape, murder, and bizarre porn videos. It doesn't always need to be bad. For example, there are pictures of some skin conditions that freak you out. We made a list of fifteen phrases you should never ever search on the internet. You have been warned!!!

Trypophobia is the fear of small holes. Surprisingly, many people realize they have trypophobia only after they read about it. Never search for 'trypophobia' on the internet, particularly on Google Images. If you do, You will see pictures of disgusting things with small medium holes on them. If you want to check whether you have Trypophobia then check out this list of 14 images that will bother you if you have Trypophobia.

Trypophobia-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever

2.Circle Jerk

The less you know about it, the more happily you live - particularly if you are a straight man! 'Circle Jerk' is a sexual practice where men or young boys sit in a circle and jerk themselves or each other off. 

Circle Jerk-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever

3.Blue Waffle

The name might sound interesting to the food or waffle lovers in particular. However, if you search for it, you are not going to eat anything anytime soon (not just the waffles). Blue waffle is just a fictional disease that affects the vaginal region. There are some disturbing pictures on the internet claiming to be the pictures of the disease. 

Blue Waffle-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever


Pray to God that you never run into a situation where you have to search for this term. Acariasis is a horrible condition where skin or other body parts of humans and animals get infested with mites.

Acariasis-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever

5.Soggy Biscuit

It's a terrible sex game you hope you stay unknown. This is a male masturbating game where a group of men start jerking and cum on a digestive biscuit. The first one to cum will be the winner. The last one to cum is the loser, and needs to eat the biscuit!

Soggy Biscuit-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever


A horrible, disgusting and deeply disturbing picture/video will show up when you search for the term. The image displays a girl in a bathtub who shoots diarrhea up in the air and then into her mouth. You can't simply unsee the shit, and we strongly suggest you not to check it!

TubGirl-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever

7.Skin Condition

Don't go to and enter 'skin condition' in the search bar. If you do, you are going to puke your gut out! You will see horrible pus-filled infections and infestations. 

Skin Condition-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever


8.2 Girls 1 Cup

You may have heard about this before. If you don't know what it is, better don't search for it on the Google. This could probably be the worst thing you could see on the internet. It's a porn video where two women were shown eating each other's feces. 

2 Girls 1 Cup-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever

9.Mucus Plug

Mucus plug is biological substance that blocks the opening of the cervix to prevent bacteria entering into the uterus. It falls off a few hours before the birth of a baby. If you or someone in your family is pregnant, it's okay to learn a few facts about it. However, we strongly suggest you to avoid checking mucus plug pictures, particularly if you have a bad gag reflux.

Mucus Plug-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever


10.2 Kids 1 Sandbox

Hey, don't get tricked by the phrase! It does sound like a cute kids' video, but it's not! Men around the world - beware of this video! Never ever attempt to see it. If you do, you probably need a lot of time to forget it. If you are a sensitive guy, you may need a bit of professional counseling to forget the 2 Kids 1 Sandbox video. We know you will be little curious to find out what the video is all about. Let us tell you what it is, so you don't have to risk yourself checking it. It's the video of a couple having sexy times with the lady shoving a dildo into the urethral opening of the man's penis! 

2 Kids 1 Sandbox-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever

11.Lamprey Eel

If you are weak hearted, or can get disturbed by little things, you should not see the videos, particularly the one that shows a lamprey eel sucking blood of a man.

Lamprey Eel-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever


12.4 Girls Fingerpaint

If 2 Girls 1 Cup fails to make you puke, this one's for you! This Four Girls Fingerpaint video is like an advanced version of the 2 Girls 1 Cup video. Why only two girls? You have four girls doing the nasty thing in this video. We guess you know what that nasty thing is. Just in case if you don't know, four girls were filmed while they eat each other's poop and rub it all over their bodies. Don't even try to see that. If you do that, you will be scarred for life! 

4 Girls Fingerpaint-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever


This is another horrible video hidden deep under the dodgy and darkest places on the internet. It is a gay sex video where a man spins his penis while receiving anal sex from another man. 

Meatspin-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever

14.Eel Girl

It is a movie you probably didn't know exist. It is one of those science fiction movies where scientists create human-animal hybrids. The scientists in the movie create a human-eel hybrid woman. One of the sex-obsessed scientists decodes her lustful looks and signals wrong, and jumps right into the security enclosure where eel girl is kept. While the desperate scientist hopes for a lip kiss from the eel girl, she eats him up alive, and pukes out his clothes! That particular scene is way too disgusting, and you should never ever watch that! 

Eel Girl-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever

15.Pain Olympics

If you're a guy then this will be the most disturbing and cringiest thing you'll ever see or watch. Have you ever thought what would it be like getting a circumcision done on you without anesthesia? Well, now is your chance to see something similar happening in a video when you search for pain Olympics, a deeply disturbing video shows up. The video shows a group of men cutting, stoning, electrocuting and bombing their penises.

Pain Olympics-15 Phrases You Should Never Search On Internet Ever

Internet is very scary and creepy. Like everything good it has a very dark and creepy side and once you enter that dark side of the internet, you will start hating internet and forever regret going there. Just to cheer up your mood after learning all these scary phrases, Here are 15 dumbest people on the internet to make you laugh out loud.


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