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12 Weird Ways To Get High Without Using Drugs Or Weed

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 1:24 pm

Alcohol, cigarettes, weed, drugs, etc. get us high, but they also make us pay the ultimate price in the end if we let them become an addiction. Alcohol zaps liver, smoking destroys lungs, and dope causes a whole lot of psychosomatic problems. Drugs just wreck a person physically and emotionally. Regardless of all these downsides, many of us sip booze, smoke weed, or snort drugs to experience euphoria. People love this euphoric state so much that they put their health at stake to enjoy the feeling. Hey, what if we tell you that there are numerous ways to get high without using drugs, weed, alcohol or other conventional intoxicants? Don't you believe our words? Continue reading this topic to know about them!
4.Inhaling Nitrous Oxide

As you know, dentists use laughing gas to help patients stay calm during procedures. It is a very powerful brain relaxant. Nitrous oxide or laughing gas inhalation is an age-old way of getting high. It is one of the safest ways to experience ecstasy. Anyone who is over 18 can legally purchase nitrous oxide canisters (usually sold as whipped cream dispensers). Nitrous oxide does create euphoric effects, but one needs to make sure they don't overdo it. Long-term abuse of the gas causes vitamin B12 deficiency and impairs brain's neural activity. In the past, there were cases where people died because of oxygen deprivation while inhaling N20.

Inhaling Nitrous Oxide-12 Weird Ways To Get High Without Using Drugs Or Weed

5.Sleep Deprivation

Acute sleep deprivation can cause euphoria. To experience it, one needs to get little or no sleep in a span of two to three days. Lack of sleep disturbs the brain's natural balance and impairs its decision-making abilities. It creates a lot of confusion in mind, resulting in an ecstatic state. People who suffer from severe insomnia may not feel the effect. Those who are completely healthy and enjoy a good night sleep daily have a better chance of getting high due to sleep deprivation. Remember, sleep deprivation affects our bodies in an awful way. It is directly linked to fatal health conditions like heart failure.

Sleep Deprivation-12 Weird Ways To Get High Without Using Drugs Or Weed


Oh yes, sex can get you high as well! Millions have sex every day, but most of them don't experience any euphoric effect. Only those who participate in high intensity, long lasting and energy draining sexual encounters are highly likely to get high. Men usually have more chances of enjoying the effect, thanks to a ton of feel-good hormones released inside the brain, post ejaculation. The good news is that a long and intense masturbation session can also help people get high, irrespective of gender!

Sex-12 Weird Ways To Get High Without Using Drugs Or Weed

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