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12 Weird Ways To Get High Without Using Drugs Or Weed

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 1:24 pm

Alcohol, cigarettes, weed, drugs, etc. get us high, but they also make us pay the ultimate price in the end if we let them become an addiction. Alcohol zaps liver, smoking destroys lungs, and dope causes a whole lot of psychosomatic problems. Drugs just wreck a person physically and emotionally. Regardless of all these downsides, many of us sip booze, smoke weed, or snort drugs to experience euphoria. People love this euphoric state so much that they put their health at stake to enjoy the feeling. Hey, what if we tell you that there are numerous ways to get high without using drugs, weed, alcohol or other conventional intoxicants? Don't you believe our words? Continue reading this topic to know about them!

Massage is yet another fun way to feel bliss, light-headedness, and other typical euphoric effects. A massage session helps your brain produce oxytocin, which is informally called as the love hormone. It is the same hormone that brain releases during ejaculation. You may experience the euphoria only when a qualified massage therapist kneads your body. No one knows about the sweet spots of human body better than them. As you may know, a full body massage is a great way to fight stress and rejuvenate body and soul.

Massage-12 Weird Ways To Get High Without Using Drugs Or Weed

8.Hypnagogic Induction

We, humans, have three states of mind, wakefulness (beta), deep sleep (delta), and the transitional state between the two, theta state. The theta stage is highly vulnerable to hallucinations, nightmares, sleep paralysis, hypnagogic jerks, lucid dreams, and a few other weird mental conditions. If you remain conscious during this period, you may feel high. To do that, you need to keep your hand up in the air while lying on your bed. Your hand remains in the air as long as your mind is in the theta state, and falls once it advances into the deep sleep. The sudden fall disturbs the sleep, forcing the brain to start the sleep cycle over again. Allow your mind to reach the transition state again. Try to keep your mind in the transitional state as long as you can to feel high. Repeat the procedure as many times as you want. Your only goal is to remain alert during the theta stage of sleep. 

Hypnagogic Induction-12 Weird Ways To Get High Without Using Drugs Or Weed

9.Do A Headstand

A little bit of practice can help you hang upside down. When you do a headstand, your heart, under the influence of gravity, pumps more blood into your brain. Having more blood in brain alters its consciousness, causing a short and temporary feeling of highness. Being upside down changes your visual perspective, which confuses your mind and forces it to go into a state of excitement and delusion. This technique is a safe way to get high, but don't stay upside down for a longer period. Although rare, in a worst-case scenario, a headstand can cause a stroke.

Do A Headstand-12 Weird Ways To Get High Without Using Drugs Or Weed

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