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Most Bizarre Designed Aircrafts

Friday, Jun 19, 2020, 9:17 am

1.Get back to Star Wars

This just does not look like an aircraft because instead it is like a prop that has been left behind when making the latest Star Wars movie. It is perhaps no surprise that it has just been abandoned in a field because when it comes to ugly looking aircraft, then this would need to be a contender for the gold medal.

2.A flying rooster

It is a good job that commercial aircraft are not like this because you would just have absolutely no confidence in the machine to start with. The scariest part is that this would have cost a small fortune to have had done and you need to ask yourself if it was worth it all?

3.The short aircraft

This aircraft just seems to be far too short to be capable of doing anything as you feel that the legs of the pilot should be sticking through the front of the aircraft due to them being unable to fit into it. This design just looks like something that the Flintstones would be using.

4.Help I'm being eaten by an aircraft!

The first thing that strikes you about this aircraft is that it appears that it is in the process of being eaten by another aircraft behind it. You do wonder what was going through the head of the person that sat there to draw this one up because it just isn't normal to produce something like this.

5.Just too much

Ok so you have seen a biplane, well what would you call this? It just seems to have far too many wings and the size of the ones that it does have just makes it absolutely silly to look at. Would you feel confident enough to get on here?

6.It managed to take off?

When you look at this you immediately feel that it is far too cumbersome to have ever taken off and that it is an absolute miracle. It just looks as if the wings are too big and heavy for the main body and imagine the power that would have been required for it.

7.2 into 1

This aircraft has wings that makes it look as if there is another aircraft stuck in the back of it facing the other way. How does the wings that are pointing backwards not impede how the aircraft works? Surely it goes against the aerodynamics?


8.It's wide, but short

The strange thing about this one is that it is so wide, but also so short at the same time. It means it looks like it has massive arms and tiny legs and it just looks completely out of proportion.

9.The giant mouth

Lets be honest here, this aircraft looks like something out of a cartoon because surely it cannot be real? However, it is real, but it does seem like something Dick Dastardly would fly in Wacky Races.


10.You have a balloon on your head

This aircraft looks normal(ish) underneath, but then it just looks as if it has a giant balloon on its head for no apparent reason. Why does it have this hat there? It just seems to serve no purpose whatsoever.

11.On stilts

This aircraft looks as if it is on stilts and you really do wonder why they decided to make it this way. What is the reason as to why they have so much ground clearance under it?


12.This works?

The first thing that comes into your head when you see this aircraft is surprise that it even works at all. It just looks as if it is going to be too heavy at the back compared to the front and what is that long thin nose all about?


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