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People Who Were Born With Extra Body Parts

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 7:46 am

Our world is amazing, so are the people living in it. We all share the same anatomy, but we rarely look similar. Our behavior, thinking pattern and intelligence differ a lot from each other. This topic is a great indicator of how diverse our human population is. Here we have listed out people who were born with extra body parts. Their body oddities made them look different from the rest of the world. They have to live a different life too. Here are fifteen such individuals who were born with unnecessary or extra organs.
10.Halle Berry Has 6 Toes

It is no secret that Halle Berry has 11 toes. She has an extra toe on her right foot. The condition is called polydactyly. Polydactyly is the abnormal growth of an extra toe or finger. The condition is not at all dangerous. However, it can cause a person severe discomfort based on the proximity and positioning of the extra toe or finger. Well, the extra toe or finger may look little weird to us, not for those who have it. People get used to it. In most cases, a simple surgery can remove those extra body parts, but most people prefer to keep them as an identity mark. Halle Berry decided to keep it, as well. 

Halle Berry Has 6 Toes-People Who Were Born With Extra Body Parts

11.Toes Galore

This little boy had the record for the most fingers and toes total. The record breaker before him was 25 digits in all. His 15 fingers and 16 toes gave him the winning total of 31. The good news is that he now has a regular number after doctors removed them. This makes buying shoes easier as well as eating much easier to do.

Toes Galore-People Who Were Born With Extra Body Parts

12.A Child Born With Two Heads

An Egyptian child was born with two heads. Luckily over time the second head was removed which saved little Islaam Mohamed's life.

A Child Born With Two Heads-People Who Were Born With Extra Body Parts

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