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People Who Were Born With Extra Body Parts

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 7:46 am

Our world is amazing, so are the people living in it. We all share the same anatomy, but we rarely look similar. Our behavior, thinking pattern and intelligence differ a lot from each other. This topic is a great indicator of how diverse our human population is. Here we have listed out people who were born with extra body parts. Their body oddities made them look different from the rest of the world. They have to live a different life too. Here are fifteen such individuals who were born with unnecessary or extra organs.
7.Lily Allen

Celebrity Lilly Allen is proud of her third body part and will show it off at any opportunity, she has a third nipple. It is actually amazing how many people have this.

Lily Allen-People Who Were Born With Extra Body Parts

8.Girl With Two Faces

This little girl was born in India and has two faces. The two faces follow different functions, for example if she is drinking a bottle she will suck her thumb with her other face. The parents have decided not to get medical intervention, so at this point it is not clear as to what is going on with this child.

Girl With Two Faces-People Who Were Born With Extra Body Parts

9.Hazel Jones

Hazel Jones is a British woman. She has two vaginas. In fact, the lady has two fully functional reproductive systems in her body. She lost her virginity twice, and she gets her period twice a month. During her early teen years, her boyfriend figured out the body oddity and advised her to see a doctor. She met a doctor and learned that she has been suffering from a rare health condition called 'uterus didelphys.' The malformation is not particularly dangerous, but it can give a lot of problems to Hazel Jones when she becomes pregnant.

Hazel Jones-People Who Were Born With Extra Body Parts

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