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Ugliest Cats Ever

Friday, Mar 6, 2020, 9:18 am

1.This has to be a stray

This cat just has to be a stray because look at the state of it. This is not something that you would want to just pick up and cuddle and that is sad because inside he may very well be a very nice cat.


2.Fat and ugly

Well you could say that this cat is fat and ugly and it is sad to have to say that about an animal. However, he does look like some adult humans that are out there even down to the sleeping in an upright position part.

3.Don't challenge me

This cat looks as if it is telling you not to bother trying to challenge it because it means business and it is serious about it all. Once again it is the eyes that are the scariest parts in all of this although all of those wrinkles do help to make this one ugly cat.


4.This cat is not impressed

This cat looks like it has run into a wall or something because there is just something about the face that is not cute in the slightest. Where do you even begin with trying to explain what is going on here? It is just one ugly cat.

5.What is going on???

Has this cat sat on something? It can be the only logical explanation for him having a face like this because surely he cannot have been born this way? There is just so much wrong with the face here that it is impossible for it to be natural.


6.You look a mess

This guy just looks a mess and he also looks quite rough and would you want to take him on in a fight? He looks like the crazy cat that every other cat in the neighborhood would avoid and can you blame them?

7.Leave me alone!!!

This just looks as if the cat wants you to leave them alone and it is going to scare you off with the way it looks in order to get you out of its way. It has to be the eyes that really does it although those ears also play a part.


8.It has a face?

This cat is just so strange to look at because of the way that the eyes are sitting and also that mouth is pretty bizarre. Those two teeth sticking up also do not help matters and you can see why people view this as being one ugly cat.

9.A cat rat?

This cat looks like a cross between a cat and a rat and that is not a combination that can ever work well. The hair on it is just strange and what is it about the face? The eyes are piercing and the ears are far too big and overall this is not a good look.



Forget the fact that this cat seems to be pulling a funny face and focus on the fact that it is not the most beautiful cat that you will ever see in your life. OK so this cat is meant to have no fur, but the face on this one is just not the best.

11.What big ears you have

This cat is classed as ugly because of the way that his face looks. Those ears are just far too big for the rest of its body and it just seems to be completely out of balance. Would you want to own a cat like this?


12.This looks evil

This cat actually looks as if it is some baddie out of a Disney movie, but this time it is a real life cat and that is very scary. He just looks evil in his eyes and you wonder who on earth would actually want to have him due to the way that he looks.


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