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Wackiest Anatomical Tattoos

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 1:09 pm

1.Scary Dude!

Jawline outlined, eye sockets and teeth. This anatomically correct tattoo just leaves this young man looking a bit scary. You wonder what his dentist thinks of it all.

2.Popular Hearts

This dude wears his heart on his sleeve, or rather his chest. Which in any case is more anatomically correct and it does also look far more impressive due to it basically being made bigger than life size.

3.More Hands

More hands showing this new craze of anatomically correct tattoos. This time, a 3D effect has been implemented along with tube like vessels and veins. OK it may not be anatomically correct, but it is still a wacky tattoo.


This hand comes complete with skeletal anatomical structures and muscular structures. Hands are one of the most popular place for anatomical tattoos because it is so easy to get something that then looks so good.

5.Fashion Statements

Some people like to actually make a statement and show you that they do in fact have a brain. In case you had not noticed, but of course it will also fade with time just like your real brain.

6.Show Off

Telling someone to 'get a backbone' could lead them to doing all sorts of things, like we see here. The amazing thing is just how much detail goes into it and how good the entire tattoo actually looks.

7.Showing a Bit Of Spine

Even today's Muse's have changed. They come complete with anatomically correct spines showing and at least it is very artistic in the way it has been done.


8.Smoke Enders

This could sure put you off smoking. Watching your lungs rise and fall all day could also get slightly hypnotic at least for anybody looking at you.

9.Muscle Man

Look at my muscles could take on a whole new meaning when using anatomical tattoos as a fashion statement. Just how much work was put into making this thing in the first place?



Imagine if people could just unzip themselves and show you what is underneath? It appears that some people can and do as you can see with these couple of tattoos.

11.Vein Display

Look at me! Look at my veins aren't they fantastic? One will never understand how a small part of the population thinks at times.


12.Bare All

These days with so many people just showing everything off there is little left to show. So why not show off your hip bones and spine? All neatly encased in a corset complete with strings.


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