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Wackiest Lingerie

Wednesday, Mar 31, 2021, 3:39 pm


A great bra to wear when things get a bit nippy outside? However, this is going to look a bit stranger under your top for work as people will wonder what on earth is going on.

2.Hide The Sausage

Sometimes a girl just has to out and say it! She loves bacon and immediately every straight guy is going to love her back in return. These panties will make sure she has a couple of nice rashers behind her.

3.Scary or Hot?

One is not sure if these panties look scary of hot? The grinning door-Ladies look a little sinister, but then see what they are holding and expecting you to put your thing through.

4.Beacon of Light

Sometimes a man can get lost on the great landscape of a woman's body. This luminous light bra makes sure that does not happen, but imagine having to guide him in there like a plane landing at night.

5.Formal Underwear

He could argue that she did tell him to wear a Tux? This underwear is certainly trying hard to be something that is not sleazy in any way whatsoever, but has it achieved it? Maybe not.


We wonder if this little guy poking his nose out is called 'Tom' by any chance? The only problem here is that it seems to be a small bear that is trying to get out and surely there is something wrong about that?


It is always nice to know where you are welcome and where you are not. Sometimes women need to wear this underwear more often although clearly they need to be able to tell somebody when they are not actually as welcome as they thought.



A bra can only go so far in relation to design. However, this bra shows us differently. Bra's can be as imaginative and as fun as you want although this one is certainly a bit wackier than you may have expected.


With this stylish males thong, things could go horribly wrong? Not the most comfortable item of underwear out there for sure and what was the designer actually thinking about when they came up with this?


10.Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

With these cute Pinocchio Boxer Shorts it is easy to see why any woman would want her man to be a liar. However, have the wrong size of nose and this could all go horribly wrong.

11.Not That sexy

Women can be a little 'Iffy' when it comes to men in lingerie. With this photograph we can see why. Great outfit but perhaps wrong model.


12.Willy Warmers

These woolly trunks certainly put a whole new connotation on 'willy warmers'. The trunk part might be a bit optimistic though?


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