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World's Most Bizarre Magazines

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 7:33 pm

1.Crochet Fantasy

Doing crochet is certainly something that is a bit outdated, but even though some people may argue against that there is no way that they can argue that the title is just wrong. There is absolutely no chance that the words crochet and fantasy should ever be put together in this way ever again.


The problem that this magazine has is not its subject, but its name. You have to admit that it is going to put you off checking it out just by the name, so whoever though it up did not do a good job and you wonder what was going through their mind at the time?

3.The Rubber Stamper

Yes you have got this right. It is a magazine called Rubber Stamper, but it is not as boring as it seems. It has since spread out to cover more about crafts than anything else, so in some ways it is good, but it does desperately need to change its name.

4.Arizona Highways

Well you have to say that this is one strange magazine. The only good thing is that it does talk more about what is just off the highways than merely describing the roads because even that would be a bit too strange for anybody that is alive.

5.Muzzle Blasts

The thing that strikes you about this magazine is that it is actually being produced right now and not back in the 19th century. It does have an old feel to it, but at least you know what it is all about before you even start to read it, so there should be no problem of you being bored.

6.Elite Meetings

Surely having a magazine all about meetings and their planning etc has to be seen as being a bit strange. Surely this is something that is just done online now and why would anybody want to sit and read a full magazine about it?


OK so there is a very good chance that this magazine is not going to be like you imagined it to be thanks to the name. It is in actual fact a very boring subject that just so happens to have a rather interesting title. Subscribers are generally going to be quite sad once they read it.


8.Teddy Bear Times

This is a great example of how a hobby can be turned into a magazine. We know that a lot of people do collect teddy bears, but to then go ahead and make a magazine that sells is certainly something else. Hey at least the front cover is generally going to be cute to look at.


The strange thing about a magazine called Audiofile is that you feel that it should actually be on audio book rather than an actual printed magazine. It just seems to go against what the magazine is about and makes no sense whatsoever.


10.Polish Food

How many people are going to buy this magazine? Is there going to be enough people interested in it to make it worthwhile printing it on a regular basis? Who are these people? What are they doing? Why is there so much interest? So many questions and no answers whatsoever.

11.Bacon Busters

The very fact that this magazine does indeed exist is enough to let you see that there are some very scary and strange people out there. This is not a magazine that is circulated among a small group of people, but it is actually out there in newsagents in Australia.


12.Girls & Corpses

Well what can you say about this magazine that has not already been covered by just looking at it? This has to be one of the strangest adult style magazines that you will ever see because who thought that there was some kind of a link between girls and corpses? Who buys this???


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