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12 Most Beautiful Jewish Women In Hollywood

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 12:32 pm

Jews created Hollywood. If you are curious to know how many Jewish celebrities are there in Hollywood, you need to check this Wikipedia page. We warn you; the page will be longer than an average mom's grocery list! Perhaps, it's a good idea to find out who's not a Jew in Hollywood. The number will be small, and it saves a lot of time! Jokes apart, Here we have featured 12 most beautiful Jewish women in Hollywood on the topic. The stars are ranked loosely based on their popularity and good looks. If you think we have missed someone, please let us know. 

#11 Alison Brie

Actress Alison Brie is an absolutely gorgeous woman. She is known for her roles on AMC's Mad Men and NBC's Community. Her Jewish heritage comes from her maternal family. Alison's mom Joanne is an orthodox Jew. Her father is a Christian-Hindu hybrid, and Alison Brie would attend church with her father occasionally during her childhood. However, Alison says her mother has a strong influence on her life, and that she identifies herself as a Jew. Brie actually started her acting career by doing stage plays at the local Jewish Community Center in Southern California.

Alison Brie-12 Most Beautiful Jewish Women In Hollywood



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