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Best Disney Villains

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 6:56 pm

1.Captain Barbossa

This is such a good character in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and they would have undoubtedly been a bit of a flop without him. He just gives that evil touch to the movie, but at the same time it is the way that he does things that makes you love him and enjoy seeing him when he is on the screen.

2.Prince John

This is the baddie in Robin Hood, but at the same time you have to love him as he just comes across as being accident prone and pretty useless at everything. However, he is still the baddie, so by rights we have to boo him even though we may secretly like what he does.

3.Shere Khan

The Jungle Book is such a joy to watch that you almost do not mind even the main villain in the movie. Shere Khan is a tiger with a mood problem as he is just always grumpy, but at the same time you cannot help but laugh at some of his actions.

4.Lady Tremaine

This is another character where you may not know her name, but know her in the movie as this is the nasty villain in Cinderella. Just think about how cruel she is and you will immediately realize that she has been well thought up as she does provide that counter-balance to the lovely Cinderella.


Hades is a wonderful character in the movie Hercules. He is strange looking, a bit bonkers, and lashes out just like you would expect from a villain. In all honesty there is something quite lovable about him and you probably didn't expect to feel that about him.

6.Captain Hook

Could you actually picture Peter Pan without Captain Hook? He is the perfect foil to our hero of the story and he does it all with such style and grace that you could almost forgive him for being a nasty piece of work.

7.Cruella De Vil

This is probably the most famous villain from all of the different movies that have been made by Disney. She is of course from the 101 Dalmatians and she has even translated quite well onto the big screen when the non-cartoon version was made a number of years ago.



This villain really does help to make The Little Mermaid. She may not be your quintessential villain in the strictest sense of the word, but she certainly knows how to make you end up hating her and hoping that she does indeed fall flat on her face.

9.Queen Grimhilde

You may not recognize the name at first, but this is the villain from Snow White, so of course you are going to hate her immediately. She really was the absolutely classic villain of the time period and you may see some similarities with Maleficent and of course you are going to hate her because of who she is.



Well this is the villain in the Lion King and you are probably booing him in your mind every single time he appears in the movie. He gets your blood boiling right from the start and your hatred for him grows as time progresses.


Aladdin was a fantastic Disney movie, so of course it should also mean that it has one of the best villains ever and it does in the form of Jafar. However, you will struggle to hate him too much as he is also very funny throughout the movie.



This was of course the main villain in the wonderful movie Sleeping Beauty. She was evil, she gave you chills, and you hated every single moment that she was on screen and lets face it that is what all good villains should be like.


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