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Cartoons Which Were Voiced By Celebrities

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 7:27 pm


This just seems like the perfect match because the character Donny is actually voiced by Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. They both have the same kind of character, are a bit zany, and the casting for that voice is absolute perfection.

2.The Yellow M&M

You know that rather annoying yellow M&M in the adverts? Well it is actually voiced by J.K. Simmons and even though it is not exactly the biggest of parts it is still surprising that they did not just go for some voiceover guy rather than getting a celebrity to do it.

3.The space coyote

This character in the Simpsons actually ended up being voiced by Johnny Cash. Yes you read that right, it was actually Johnny Cash, so was he a fan or was the money just that good that he had to just go ahead and do it?


The Moses character was actually voiced by none other than Val Kilmer. Again this seems like a bit of a strange combination, but perhaps it is down to his skills as an actor that means it does actually come together.

5.The Iron Giant

OK this one is a real surprise, but the Iron Giant was actually voiced by Vin diesel. You have to admit that you never thought somebody who was involved in action movies and martial arts would end up doing a voice for a cartoon did you?

6.Stuart Little

When you are doing a film about a small character, then surely it makes sense to have a small actor involved. OK maybe that is not how they decided on Michael J Fox to voice the little mouse called Stuart Little, but they are a perfect match and it was certainly a fun movie to watch as well.

7.The Crimson Chin

Maybe it is because he has quite a prominent one himself, but this character was actually voiced by Jay Leno and it does come across as being the perfect match. The surprising thing is that at first you doubt that he would have the right voice for this character, but something about it just seems to work.



The evil character in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was actually voiced by the same guy that played Uncle Phil in Fresh Prince of Bel Air. They are certainly two different characters and when you think back to the original series it does come across as being the perfect voice.

9.Pope in Ren & Stimpy

Do you want to know who played the voice of the pope in Ren & Stimpy? Well surprisingly enough it was actually Frank Zappa and there is probably next to no chance that you would have ever guessed that on your own. Suddenly it just makes things seem to be a lot cooler thanks to that single fact.


10.Patrick Pewterschmidt

This character is actually voiced by Robert Downey Jnr and it does just seem like a pretty good fit when you stop and think about it all. You probably cannot actually imagine anybody else doing it now because surely it would seem strange just having a random nobody?

11.Doctor in South Park

The doctor in South Park is actually voiced by George Clooney and once again it is all going to suddenly make sense and stop annoying you as you knew you should have recognized that voice. How he got involved, or why he got involved, may be a bit of a mystery, but he did.


12.Nigel Thornberry

Believe or not, but this cartoon character was actually voice by Tim Curry. Be honest now that you never realized it before, but now you will go back and watch the character and suddenly it will all become perfectly clear to you.


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