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12 Celebrities Who Married Normal People

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 7:32 am

How often do we see celebrities marrying an ordinary person? We don't see that happening frequently. A celebrity prefers another star or a rich person as a partner. Most of the times, celebs don't come in touch with ordinary people. Rich and affluent people always surround them. Some celebrities did marry ordinary people, though. What you are about to read now are the 12 love stories of such celebrities. These celebs brought people like waiters, workers, real estate consultants, and software engineers, etc. to their homes, as their love partners!

#8 David And Zoe

David Schwimmer fell in love and married Zoe Buckman who is just a regular girl. Schwimmer formed part of the 'Friends' team in the popular soap that ran for years. You can imagine how he could have had his choice of women, but settled for his regular girl.

David And Zoe-12 Celebrities Who Married Normal People



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