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12 Celebrities Who Remarried Their Exes

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 8:35 am

Celebrity relationships are mysterious! They are fascinating. We never know which two stars will fall in love tomorrow, out of nowhere! They are unpredictable. We can never tell when, why and what for a celebrity couple splits! Let's shed light on some unique celebrity relationships. How often have you come across people who married the same person twice? We aren't sure how frequently you are likely to meet them, but there are a bunch of celebrities who already did that. Yes, what you are about to read now are 12 interesting stories of celebrities who remarried their exes!
1.Travis Barker And Shanna Moakler

This loud couple certainly did not have their troubles to seek. They were well known for arguing and it was no surprise that they were then divorced in 2006. However, they seemed to enjoy all of that stuff as they ended up getting back together again not long after their separation but this time it ended even quicker and the couple got divorced in 2008.

Travis Barker And Shanna Moakler-12 Celebrities Who Remarried Their Exes

2.Lana Turner And Stephen Crane

Well this was certainly a relationship that turned sour several times because this movie goddess found herself getting married in 1942, but it only lasted for 7 months before filing for divorce. They remarried only 2 months later, but even then it lasted until 1944 when they ended their relationship for good.

Lana Turner And Stephen Crane-12 Celebrities Who Remarried Their Exes

3.Snoop Dogg And Shante Taylor

This couple were together for years until they filed for divorce in 2004. They had actually been High School sweethearts, but they managed to work through their differences and renewed their vows once again in 2008.

Snoop Dogg And Shante Taylor-12 Celebrities Who Remarried Their Exes

4.Judge Judy & Jerry

It is rare for Judge Judy to give anybody a second chance, but she did exactly that with her husband Jerry. They were both in the same profession and married in 1977 and this marriage lasted until 1990. They were actually only apart for 1 year because they were reunited and getting married for a second time in 1991 and are still happily married.

Judge Judy & Jerry-12 Celebrities Who Remarried Their Exes

5.Larry King And Alene Akins

Larry King married seven different women on eight occasions, which means he married a woman twice. Mr King married Alene Akins, a Playboy bunny, in 1961. The couple lived together for two years before parting ways in 1963. They had a son named Andy King from the marriage. The couple remarried in 1967, and this time, they had spent five years together before filing for a divorce in 1972. This time, Larry King fathered a baby girl, Chaia King. Alene Akins stands at the third and fifth place on the list of Larry King's eight wives! 

Larry King And Alene Akins-12 Celebrities Who Remarried Their Exes

6.Jean-Claude Van Damme And Gladys Portugues

This action hero martial arts tough guy has been married twice to Gladys. Their first marriage managed to last from 1987 up to 1992 before getting divorced and he then went on to marry somebody else. However, that did not last long and indeed the two of them got back together in 1999 and they are still together to this day.

Jean-Claude Van Damme And Gladys Portugues-12 Celebrities Who Remarried Their Exes

7.NeNe Leakes And Gregg Leakes

This star from Real Housewives of Atlanta has recently married her ex for a second time. Their first marriage lasted from 1997 until 2011, so they have not taken that long to get back together again as they started seeing one another in 2012 and were engaged in January 2013.

NeNe Leakes And Gregg Leakes-12 Celebrities Who Remarried Their Exes


8.Melanie Griffith And Don Johnson

Yes this couple were married twice, but neither marriage could ever be seen as having been successful. The first time was in 1976 and it did not see the end of the year and the second marriage was from 1989 to 1996 although it could have ended a bit earlier than that.

Melanie Griffith And Don Johnson-12 Celebrities Who Remarried Their Exes

9.Eminem And Kim Scott

The "Rap God" Eminem had only one wife, Kimberly Anne Scott. Surprisingly, he married her twice. Kim is Eminem's childhood friend. The couple briefly dated in the early 90s. Their relationship kept growing. Kimberly Anne Scott gave birth to Hailie Jade Mathers, the only biological daughter of Eminem. Eminem and Kim were married in 1999. They filed for a divorce in 2001. They tied the knot again in 2006, but this time, their marriage didn't even last for a year. Many of his songs including "97 Bonnie and Clyde" refer to his volatile relationship with Kim.

Eminem And Kim Scott-12 Celebrities Who Remarried Their Exes


10.Natalie Wood And Robert Wagner

This couple were married between 1957 and 1962, but they both thought that they were perhaps a bit on the young side for all of this wedding stuff and duly divorced. However, they got back together in 1972 and were married up until she died in 1981.

Natalie Wood And Robert Wagner-12 Celebrities Who Remarried Their Exes

11.Marie Osmond And Stephen Craig

Singer and songwriter Marie Osmond remarried her ex-husband Stephen Craig in 2011. Both of them stayed together as a married couple from 1982 to 1985. Stephen Craig was a college basketball player. The couple had a son. Shortly after parting ways with Stephen Craig, Osmond married Brian Blosil and divorced him in 2007. Marie Osmond got in touch with her ex-husband after divorce with Blosil. The two were seeing each other for some time before they decided to walk down the aisle for one more time in 2011. Marie reportedly wore the same dress as she did the first time she married Stephen Craig.

Marie Osmond And Stephen Craig-12 Celebrities Who Remarried Their Exes

12.Elizabeth Taylor And Richard Burton

This rather feisty couple ended up getting remarried only a year after their 10 year long marriage ended. However, it was not to last this second time as they actually ended up getting divorced again just a mere 12 months later.

Elizabeth Taylor And Richard Burton-12 Celebrities Who Remarried Their Exes


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