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12 Hot Pictures Of Female Celebrities Sucking On A Popsicle

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 12:18 pm

When things are hot, the best way to cool off is to suck on a nice, long, and delicious popsicle! With summer almost here, we expect to see many people doing that soon! Hey, imagine making an eye contact with a hot chick walking down the street, who is sucking on an icy treat. Ah, the scenario does look a bit awkward, particularly for the girl! Isn't it? As a man, you may enjoy the sight, though! Okay, allow us to break the ice and tell you more about this naughty yet impressive list! The following are the 12 photos of hot Hollywood celebs who were seen sucking down a popsicle. See the pics and tell us if they look hot or trashy!
1.J-Lo Shows Us How It's Done

J-Lo is a hot popsicle sucker and experienced too. It shows in the moves she makes where can play the lead popsicle sucker role with such ease.

2.Ashley Tisdale

Former Disney channel star Ashley Tisdale, looks even hotter with a popsicle in her mouth!  Unlike J-Lo, Ashley is not trying to make any sexy gestures. She looks like she absolutely minds her business while chomping down a delicious-looking orange popsicle. Someone caught her in the middle of the popsicle-sucking action on the camera. The photo does look like a perfectly timed one too!  Are you an Ashley Tisdale fan? No? How about sharing the picture with a friend of yours who likes her a lot?!  

Ashley Tisdale-12 Hot Pictures Of Female Celebrities Sucking On A Popsicle

3.Mandy Moore

Many is just hot, she doesn't even have to try. This photograph clearly wasn't made to try and be sexy, instead she glances at the camera and sucks away.

4.Alessandra Ambrosio

This snap obviously taken on a hot day of Alessandra sucking on a popsicle is clearly innocent and super hot. She just looks so relaxed, but we absolutely love it.

5.Leighton Meester And Blake Lively

Just in case if you don't find one lady �" one popsicle pictures hot, here's a special photo for you that shows two smoking hot women nibbling an ice cream in the sexiest way possible! Isn't the hot picture reminding us the good old "Gossip Girl" days? The two former celebrity cronies posed hot together on numerous occasions in the past. Some pictures show "Blair and Serena" licking each other's fingers! Remember, the stars had had a great time together as BFFs before their friendship went into flames on the claims that the two were throwing shade at each other! Did you know Blake Lively has a hot sibling? And before you go, here is a fact you don't know, Leighton Meester was born in prison.   

Leighton Meester And Blake Lively-12 Hot Pictures Of Female Celebrities Sucking On A Popsicle

6.Eva Longoria

Unlike the other Hollywood divas we have seen so far, Eva Longoria is not posing for the camera. The unsuspecting "Desperate Housewife" seems too involved in whatever she sees there, without even noticing that she has been wildly deep throating a popsicle and that someone is taking a photo of her. Hey, all you hardcore fans of Eva, this is your chance to see and cherish the moment! You know, you are not going to see anything other than a popsicle in her mouth anytime soon! Did you know Eva Longoria uses Placenta cream?

Eva Longoria-12 Hot Pictures Of Female Celebrities Sucking On A Popsicle

7.Kelly Brook

This is "One Big Happy" moment for all the fans of Kelly Brook! She is directly making an eye contact with you while biting on a delectable ice-lolly! Ah, her sultry pose is surely going to raise your body temperature a few degrees further! And, that's not the end!  Her fishnet vest makes things even hotter. This has to be the hottest picture of this list. This also has to be one of the hottest Kelly Brook pictures ever. Hey, did you like the picture? Many such mood-raising pictures are ahead; keep browsing the topic!

Kelly Brook-12 Hot Pictures Of Female Celebrities Sucking On A Popsicle


8.Kim Kardashian

One wonders what went on in the mind of the photographer that snapped Kim sucking on this popsicle and why the picture sold for big bucks? Kim makes sucking a popsicle hot even by accident.

9.Kate Upton

Kate is so effortless in her sexiness. Here she is seen on the cover of GQ licking that popsicle like its hot or something!


10.Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra is not exactly sucking on a popsicle, but we have added the "Baywatch" star anyway because the picture goes very well with the spirit of the topic! If you are having a good time seeing the photos of celebrities sucking on something, we bet you will like this picture too. There's nothing sexier than the picture of Carmen Electra in a red bikini, enjoying a chocolate ice cream! The thick and round chocolate topping on the cone speaks volumes! Mark our words; this snap is one of the hottest Carmen Electra photos ever. Did you know Carmen Electra's marriage was one of the shortest celebrity marriage?

Carmen Electra-12 Hot Pictures Of Female Celebrities Sucking On A Popsicle

11.Paris Hilton

Paris looks hot doing most things, the choice of popsicle might have helped. We all watch in glee and the long red icy popsicle is slowly being slid into her warm mouth.


12.Amy Jackson

Everyone knows that sucking on a popsicle is super hot and Amy Jackson takes it to new levels. This former British Miss Teen and hot Bollywood actress probably has the biggest name from, well, popsicle sucking!


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