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12 Famous Celebrities Suffering From OCD

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 6:50 am

OCD; the psychological condition is complicated enough that a healthy person doesn't completely understand what it is, and a patient doesn't fully know how to get rid of it! In medical terms, OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder is defined as an uncontrollable urge to perform daily life actions repeatedly, like washing hands or checking to see if a door is locked. OCD is a peculiar mental disorder. Its symptoms are diverse. The condition affects every person in a different way. The good news is that OCD doesn't kill people. That bad news is it can totally ruin lives and careers. Learn more about the 12 famous people with OCD, and know how they are coping up with the condition. Hey, do you have any friend who is suffering from OCD? Share this topic to inspire them!

#3 Justin Timberlake

In an interview given to the website in 2008, the "Sexyback" singer admitted to suffering from both OCD and ADHD. He said he likes to line up things at certain angles, double check and recheck that they stay that way. He also wants to have certain foods always present in his refrigerator. What's interesting is that the former Disney channel star Justin Timberlake has never been medically diagnosed with OCD, but he just knows he has the disorder! He also says he has been working to keep the symptoms under control! Do you think it's a good idea to self-diagnose a disease? We don't feel so! Did you Britney Spears cheated on Justin Timberlake?

Justin Timberlake-12 Famous Celebrities Suffering From OCD



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