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15 Celebrities Without Eyebrows You Never Seen Before

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 7:12 am

Have you ever seen someone without eyebrows before?  You are sure to meet one if you live in one of those hipster neighborhoods, or have a girlfriend who shaves her eyebrows just to draw them back on! In general, we are less likely to encounter such people. Eyebrows are a critical feature of the human face, although scientists can't accurately tell how they are useful to us. Their function is hypothesized to keep water, sweat, and debris from falling straight into the eye socket. We believe that the primary purpose of eyebrows is to make us look good. Check the photos of these 15 celebrities without eyebrows, and we bet you will agree with us!

#9 Charlie Sheen

The thing about Charlie Sheen is you can imagine this happening, but by the time he himself realized they would have grown back bigger and better than ever. He probably doesn't even know this picture has been taken as he will be so high and it does make it likely that he would not miss his eyebrows one bit. The only surprising thing would be if he managed to shave off both as surely he would miss with one and end up with half and half? Did you know Charlie Sheen cheated on popular model Donna Peele?

Charlie Sheen-15 Celebrities Without Eyebrows You Never Seen Before



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