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Celebrities Who Once Worked At McDonalds

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 7:19 am

1.Star Jones

Star did indeed have a job at McDonald's as she was one of the team that cooks the burgers rather than the one dealing with the public. You get the feeling that it would have annoyed her slightly being unable to really chat to so many people, but hey it was still a job.

2.Macy Gray

For some reason Macy Gray and McDonald's seem to go together like cheese and antibacterial soap, but she was actually an employee when she was younger and she is of the opinion that as a job it was not as bad as it seems. She has since appeared in a commercial for them describing her experience.

3.Shania Twain

Shania could have been seen behind the counter at her local McDonald's in Ontario when she was still at High School, so at least she did learn early on about the importance of money and having to earn it yourself. However, it was certainly not her favorite job by any means just like most of the people that work there.

4.Rachel McAdams

You just feel that this actress would have looked completely out of place working in McDonald's, but she did end up being there as one of her first jobs. She ended up being there for three years, so must have been in line for a long service medal or something.

5.Jeff Bezos

He may now be worth billions of Dollars as the owner of Amazon, but Jeff Bezos did indeed start off at McDonald's. He worked there as a teenager, but you would have hardly seen him as he was the one cooking the burgers in the back.

6.Tony Stewart

Tony may be an amazing race car driver, but he was certainly a lot slower when he worked at McDonald's. He ended up there as a teenager in order to raise some cash for himself, but of course he no longer has to worry about making ends meet by serving burgers.

7.Fred Durst

Fred Durst used to work at a McDonald's in Florida prior to becoming a musician and you just get the feeling that he would have been the grumpy employee who would hardly lift his feet while walking along. You just know that he could hardly wait to get out of there.


8.Carl Lewis

This guy used to be the best sprinter and long jumper in the world, but one of the first jobs he ever had involved him flipping burgers at McDonald's. At least you feel that he would have been quick at it since he was always all about speed.


Seal is quite open about having worked at a McDonald's in the UK, but he is also quite open in how scathing he is about the entire experience. He says that it is simply the worst job he has ever had, but then he is hardly the first person to say that about it.

Seal-Celebrities Who Once Worked At McDonalds

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Pink used to work at McDonald's along with a number of other fast food outlets across Pennsylvania before she hit the big time. You can only imagine how much that must have used to annoy her because she would have been pretty much confined to the one area when she is so full of energy.

11.Sharon Stone

Imagine walking in to buy a burger and Sharon Stone is there behind the counter asking if you want fries with it. Well that would have actually happened to some people because she did work there before she started modeling, so the only problem was in not knowing who she was at the time.


12.Jay Leno

Can you actually picture Jay Leno working in McDonalds? Well he did back in the 70s at one of their outlets in Massachusetts and you just get the feeling that he would have found it difficult to not just talk for hours to the customers.


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