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12 Celebrities Whose Parents Got Murdered

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021, 7:04 am

It is tough to get over the loss of a family member even if it was a natural death. It's even harder to overcome the death of a family member who's murdered. Unfortunately, thousands of people around the world are killed every year. The homicide rate is higher even in the developed and educated countries like the United States. Sadly, some of our celebs have lost their family members in homicide. Check the sad stories of the 12 celebrities whose parents were murdered. A few of them have lost more than one family member. 

#4 Michael Jordan

The Billion Dollar net worth basketball player, Michael Jordan's father was killed in 1993 when he pulled over at the side of the highway in order to catch up on some sleep. Two guys decided to steal his car, so shot him dead and dumped his body which was only discovered a number of weeks later. Did you know Michael Jordan once faced a lawsuit from Allen Heckard.

Michael Jordan-12 Celebrities Whose Parents Got Murdered


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