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Celebs Who Have Fantastic Hair

Thursday, Mar 25, 2021, 12:17 pm

1.Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth has always been an icon of class as far as super stars go. She opts to wear her hair in various elegant ways, which puts one in mind of a modern day Grace Kelly.

2.Kate Hudson

No matter which blond shade Kate Hudson chooses to wear it looks fantastic. She must have an excellent colorist which is important when coloring your hair blond. Her hair never looks brassy, yellow or what some people call 'suicide blond' where it looks as if the color has killed it.

3.Sandra Bullock

Sandra's appeal is her girl next door look. She normally wears her hair mid-length and very natural looking. Her naturally dark hair flatters her coloring and it is thick and full.

4.Sharon Stone

Sharon reportedly cuts her own hair and it always looks fantastic. It could be her perfect bone structure and gorgeous face that helps! Which ever way she wears it, it seems to be in excellent condition and the color is perfect too.

5.Katie Holmes

No matter which way she wears it, long or short, Katie's hair is always natural and pretty. She has well cared for hair and it shows. Always favoring her natural brunette hair, which we think suites her perfectly.

6.Julianne Moore

Julianne is famous for her great acting skills, but she is also famous for her naturally thick red hair. One of the rare real red heads Julianne does not color her hair at all. Instead opting to keep it natural.

7.Megan Fox

Megan wears brunette hair perfectly. If she is going very dark or even a lighter brown the color always seems perfect for her face. The result is stunning.


8.Halle Berry

Halle is probably more well known for her sexy crops, but when she decides to wear it long she sticks with waves or curls. Her hair is naturally thick with a curl in it, so this style works well. Tip top condition helps to keep it looking soft and natural.

9.Sienna Miller

Sienna is one of the few stars who wears short hair effortlessly. She seems to prefer a longer look in the front when it is short, which keeps that sexy appeal despite having a shorter nape.


10.Nicole Richie

If you want to know how best to wear a bang, look at photo's of Nicole Richie's hair. No matter how she wears her hair she often sports a bang in various ways. Either swept to the side or on her face.

11.Katy Perry

Katy seems to change hairstyles as quick as she changes outfits and looks. She's been red, blue, pink, black and blond. Her hair, despite all the swapping around always looks to be in great condition, which could be her naturally thick hairs own resilience. Or, it could be great advice from hairdressers as to which products do help damaged hair. 

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12.Reece Witherspoon

No matter how Reece wears her hair and she has had loads of different styles, from long and straight to curly and glamorous, her hair always looks fantastic.


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