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Celebs Who Lost Weight

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 9:13 am


Even sexy Beyonce found herself packing on the pounds. Determination and working out got her back to her regular figure as seen on the right. Perhaps she lost a few curves on the way which she was always so famous for?

2.Rachel Zoe

Rachel was not exactly plump to start off with, but has decide to slim down further. The result is not that great her body looks like that of an 80 years old woman.

3.Mariah Carey

Mariah despite having packed on the pounds still insisted on wearing crop tops. Not a good choice for a person with a flabby middle. Here you see a slimmed down Mariah.

4.LeAnne Rimes

LeAnne looks as though she needs a feed drip. She looked proud of her new rather skinny body, but her health could be at risk for such massive weight-loss.

5.Jennifer Ellison

Jennifer is looking a lot more star like with her new slimmed down body and great smile. Anyone can pack on the pounds, but getting them off is another matter.

6.Chris Pratt

Looking decidedly pudgy Chris Pratt lost those extra pounds and looks a whole lot better now.

7.Nicole Richie

Nicole was never fat or weighty in the first place. Here is a very emancipated looking Nicole after another one of her strict diet regimes. Maybe she couldn't find a pair of shoes to fit her tiny feet?


8.Tyra Banks

Tyra gets a lot of flack about her weight these days, here her new slimmer figure is photographed. Either way she always looked great even with curves.

9.Russel Crowe

It happens to men too. Russel Crowe packed on the pounds then suddenly decided enough is enough. A svelte Russel can be seen on the right.


10.Kelly Osborne

Kelly did a real turn around when she shed her excess pounds and smartened up her image. She is really looking great these days.

11.Nigella Lawson

Nigella lost the pounds and one wonders if she lost something along with it? The celebrity chef was beautiful both ways, although of course being smaller does have more health benefits.


12.Tori Spelling

In a bid to lose baby weight fat it appears that Tori Spelling has gone a little overboard. Here you can see her ribs and skinny arms in back view. Tori has always been slim so it seem a little excessive that she felt she needed to lose so much.


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