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Charlie Sheen And His 13 Well Known Girlfriends

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 8:48 am

Charlie Sheen is one of the most successful and famous Hollywood actors of all time. He has acted in numerous films, and TV shows. Millions around the world have watched his movies. Well, everyone knows about Charlie's promiscuous lifestyle, but only a few could guess that this man would contract HIV! Doctors diagnosed Charlie Sheen with HIV in 2011. However, Sheen made a public announcement about his condition in 2015. He was criticized heavily for exposing nearly 200 girls to deadly HIV by not using protection while having sex with them. 
Well, Charlie Sheen had made the news with him coming out as HIV positive, but did you know how many girls he has dated during his career? And who are they? Well, excluding the one-night hookups and party girls he has been with, there are still many girls he had been with for more than a week. Here are 13 famous girls Charlie Sheen has dated before coming out as HIV positive.
1.Charlie Sheen And Broke Mueller

Brooke Mueller just might be even more out of control than Charlie Sheen. They married in 2008 and Mueller gave birth to their twin sons, Bob and Max. A little over two-years later, in November 2010, Sheen filed for divorce. Both Mueller and Sheen had been doing drugs and their sons were removed from Sheen's home in March 2011. Mueller has been in-and-out of rehab several times over the past few years. The two have been divorced since 2011, but they are still absorbed in a nasty custody battle over their sons.

Charlie Sheen And Broke Mueller-Charlie Sheen And His 13 Well Known Girlfriends

2.Charlie Sheen And Brett Rossi

Sheen is going to walk down the aisle once again. His soon-to-be wife is none other than porn actress, Brett Rossi. The pair got engaged on Valentine's Day and Sheen even announced the news on his Twitter Charlie page. No one knows when these two started dating, but they did go public with their relationship in November 2013.

Charlie Sheen And Brett Rossi-Charlie Sheen And His 13 Well Known Girlfriends

3.Charlie Sheen And Denise Richards

Charlie Sheen married Denise Richards in 2002. The couple was happy for a while and even appeared in Scary Movie 3 together. Richards had two kids with Sheen before she filed for divorce in 2005. She cited Sheen's drug and alcohol abuse as the reason for the relationship's demise. The pair went through a rough patch after the divorce, became friends again and have recently been at odds with one another.

Charlie Sheen And Denise Richards-Charlie Sheen And His 13 Well Known Girlfriends

4.Charlie Sheen And Robin Wright

Charlie Sheen and Robin Wright got together when they were both relatively new to the entertainment industry. Their relationship was so hush-hush that there aren't any photos of the pair on the web. Apparently, the two began dating sometime in the 1980s, but no other details about how they ended have been revealed.

Charlie Sheen And Robin Wright-Charlie Sheen And His 13 Well Known Girlfriends

5.Charlie Sheen And Cathy St. George

Cathy St. George is probably one of the most refined-looking women Charlie Sheen has ever dated. During his better days, Sheen seemed almost enamored with the Playboy Playmate. They were seen everywhere together. Sadly, like most of his relationships, St. George exited stage left and moved on to someone else.

Charlie Sheen And Cathy St. George-Charlie Sheen And His 13 Well Known Girlfriends

6.Charlie Sheen And Georgia Jones

Sometime in 2012, Charlie Sheen began dating adult-film actress, Georgia Jones. Sheen revealed the news on an episode of Piers Morgan Tonight back in January 2013. He moved the young star into his Los Angeles home and they had been On-again, off-again for a while before ending things completely in 2013. Georgia Jones and other famous pornstars with whom Charlie Sheen slept had received a lot of criticism from Sheen's supporters. Sheen's supporters and sympathizers believe that the star had got the disease from one of the porn stars! The girls, however, hit back at Sheen and his followers by showing their HIV-negative results. Georgia Jones said she conducts critical health tests every two weeks and slammed Charlie Sheen for exposing her to dangerous HIV. 

Charlie Sheen And Georgia Jones-Charlie Sheen And His 13 Well Known Girlfriends

7.Charlie Sheen And Natalie Kenly

Model and graphic designer Natalie Kenly began dating Charlie Sheen in March 2011. She was sharing the actor with porn Star Rachel Oberlin. All three of them lived together at Sheen's home. Kenly had a few months of fun with the actor before vacating the relationship for good in June 2011.

Charlie Sheen And Natalie Kenly-Charlie Sheen And His 13 Well Known Girlfriends


8.Charlie Sheen And Bree Oslon

Charlie Sheen found himself with yet another porn Star in 2011. The actor began dating adult-film actress Bree Oslon, real name Rachel Oberlin in March 2011. She was one of Sheen's many 'goddesses' and lived with the actor for a short period of time. Their 'relationship' didn't last long, as Oberlin ended things with Charlie Sheen in April 2011 

Charlie Sheen And Bree Oslon-Charlie Sheen And His 13 Well Known Girlfriends

9.Charlie Sheen And Donna Peele

Charlie Sheen married actress and model Donna Peele in September, 1995. The couple had dated for only six weeks before getting married. They met each other when they were filming a cigarette commercial together. Charlie Sheen immediately fell in love with her, saying that she was an angel sent to him by God!  
The marriage didn't last even a year! Soon after the wedding, Charlie Sheen was named to be one among the many men who were found to be sleeping with women provided by infamous Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss. The couple got divorced because of a sex scandal. Donna Peele is in her 40s, but no one really knows where the woman is and what she is doing now.  

Charlie Sheen And Donna Peele-Charlie Sheen And His 13 Well Known Girlfriends


10.Charlie Sheen And Christina Walsh

Charlie Sheen's rendezvous with porn Star Christina Walsh made headlines in the worst way. The pair had only one encounter back in 2010. They met at a hotel room and for some inexplicable reason; Sheen went postal and trashed the room. When the police arrived, Walsh was found hiding in the closet with absolutely no clothes on.

Charlie Sheen And Christina Walsh-Charlie Sheen And His 13 Well Known Girlfriends

11.Charlie Sheen and Brittany Ashland

Charlie Sheen seems to always end up hurting the people he loves in some way. In the 90s, Sheen began dating Brittany Ashland. While their love affair seemed normal, that all changed in a blink of an eye. In 1997. Ashland sued Sheen claiming that he beat her up. He eventually entered a plea of no-contest to criminal charges. Sheen was then sentenced to a one-year suspended prison term and two-years probation.


12.Charlie Sheen And Ginger Lynn

Charlie Sheen has gone on record to say that he loves sex. So to feed that hunger, he went out and got himself a woman who loved it just as much. In the 1990s, Sheen was seen everywhere with porn Star Ginger Lynn. The two were inseparable at the time and despite their active sex life, they still had time to make several public appearances.

Charlie Sheen And Ginger Lynn-Charlie Sheen And His 13 Well Known Girlfriends

13.Charlie Sheen and Kelly Preston

Sometimes love hurts and Kelly Preston learned that the hard way. Sheen and Preston dated for a while in the 1980s before the troubled actor proposed. In 1990, Sheen accidentally shot Preston in the arm for unknown reasons. The two were engaged at the time. Preston needed two stitches because of the wound. She broke off the engagement shortly after the incident. She is now married to actor John Travolta.


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