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Embarrassing Red Carpet Flops

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 6:08 pm

1.Perez Hilton and his Rubber Gloves

Perez Hilton channels Mr. Clean with this colorful outfit. Only a true fashionista can take a pair of rubber gloves and make them fashionable. Too bad Perez Hilton is no fashionista. One can only wonder if he showed up the event as a guest or as bathroom attendant who cleans the toilets. Hilton does get brownie points for matching both his gloves and pants with that hideous-looking jacket.

2.Solange's Black Wreath Outfit

Solange is engulfed by a sea of beads, gems, rhinestones, string and feathers. Instead of hanging her Christmas wreath on her door, Solange dipped it in black paint and pulled it over her head. The one good thing about this outfit is that it's never been seen anywhere ever again.

3.Rick Ross and his Rubik's Cube Shirt

Rick Ross pays homage to the classic Rubik's Cube toy with this multicolored shirt. To top it all off, his shirt doesn't match with the rest of his outfit. Ross looks like he should be waiting on line at Red Lobster with friends and not at a red carpet event.

4.Miley Cyrus' Toilet Paper Dress

Miley Cyrus went with toilet paper instead of actual cloth for her 2010 American Music Awards dress. One wrong move and pre-twerk Miley would have been showing more than she anticipated. On the bright side, if there wasn't any toilet paper in bathroom, all she had to do was rip off a piece of her train and she's good to go!

5.Jessie J and her Metallic Dress

Jessie J decided to just wear a shirt to the 2011 Brit Awards. I haven't seen anything this short, since Tyra Banks' failed music career. The dress looks like it got stuck in the sewing machine a few times, but Jessie J ran out of time to fix it, so she decided to wear it anyway.

6.Lil' Kim and her Leather Catsuit

It's only fitting that Lil' Kim would wear a catsuit to the 2013 VMAs, as she has slowly morphed into one over the years. Her outfit leaves nothing to the imagination, but this is Lil' Kim we're talking about. Less is more, but Lil' Kim should definitely try wearing more so out eyes won't suffer.

7.Kim Kardashian: The Walking Sofa

Kanye West finally decided to take Kim Kardashian out and she did this. Everyone in the world probably has a grandma or aunt with this sofa pattern in their living room. It also doesn't help that the reality star was pregnant at the time and could pass for a sofa even without the dress on.


8.Epic Self Wedgie

Just when you thought wedgies were a thing of the past, you see a photo of a woman giving herself one. This actress is so concerned with not tripping on the stairs that she forgot to pay attention to the interesting view she was giving to those behind her. At least her underwear (if you can call it that) is clean.

9.Gotta Love those Daisies

Flowers are meant to be smelled, not made into a dress. This unnamed carpet dweller actually thought it was a good idea to come to an event looking like a pile of daisies. She looks like she should be standing on top of a wedding cake, instead of on the red carpet.


10.Hana Mae Lee: No But*s About It

It took me about ten minutes to figure out what that contraption on Hana Mae Lee's head is. I thought it was a mangled leg at first, but after further inspection it is actually a cigarette butt. Now you might be wondering what her little headpiece has to do with the rest of her outfit. And the answer to that puzzling question is, absolutely nothing.

11.Hey! It's Kool-Aid!

This unidentified woman looks appears to have slaughtered the Kool-Aid Man, attached him to her dress and then dragged him on the red carpet. To make matters worse, it appears as though she's wearing thermal pants with heels. The top half of her body is ready for summer, while the bottom half is prepping for the coldest winter ever.


12.2 Chainz: High Fashion Crunk

2 Chainz shows the world, that you can get crunk even in a high-fashion outfit. I doubt Versace intended for his jacket and pants to be paired with a messy white t-shirt and some over-sized kicks, but there's a first time for everything. 2 Chainz took an outfit that cost a few thousand dollars and turned into an outfit that looks like it costs $25.99.

13.Alicia Keys in Curtain Couture

When you can't find an outfit in your closet, just grab the curtains from your window. Alicia Keys decided to jazz up her tank top and pants ensemble, by taking her curtains and attempting to make a dress out of them. The good news is Keys won't need an umbrella when it rains, and instead she's got her funky head piece to keep her dry.

14.Eliza Doolittle shakes her tail feather

Who needs a cushioned seat, when you can just glue padding to your outfit! Eliza Doolittle decided to channel a peacock on the red carpet for the 2011 Brit Awards, by wearing a white dress with a set of multicolored strings attached to the back. Too bad she couldn't sew some wings on the dress, so she could fly off and find a new outfit.

15.Bjork and her Swan Dress

This "swan" dress will go down in history as the most hideous thing to ever grace the red carpet. If it wasn't for the dangling head around Bjork's neck, you would think the singer just ripped a pillow apart and starting gluing the feathers on a nu*e body suit. At least the poor swan has no eyes; it saves him the trouble of seeing how ridiculous the outfit looks.


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