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12 Famous Hugh Hefner Hookups Ever

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 11:24 am

Hugh Hefner may be a 90-year-old man, but he's more sexually active than many of you younger guys who are reading this topic. At an age where an average old man struggles to stand up and walk, Hefner not only stands up but also makes things stand up and work for his pleasure! The original "Playboy" reportedly had sex with more than a thousand gorgeous women. Although his former girlfriends complain about his inability to have coitus and call him a "serial wanker," we all still need to agree to the fact that he gets more women than any other top Hollywood celebrity ever has. We take this opportunity to present you with the details of 12 famous Hugh Hefner hookups. He's like a great-great-grandfather to some of the girls when in regards to age! Some of the hottest pornstars were once his playmate.

#5 Hugh Hefner And Millie Williams

Mildred Williams a.k.a. Millie Williams is Hugh Hefner's first wife. He married her in 1949. Remember, Hefner served the country during the World War II. While he was out serving the nation, his former wife Millie cheated on him. When Hefner was back, she told him that she told him about her de . He was devastated by her confession. To ease her guilty conscious, she allowed her husband to sleep with other women! This odd and ridiculous arrangement didn't work out, and the couple divorced in 1959. Don't you think it was this incident that turned the Playboy founder into a Pussy slayer?!

Hugh Hefner And Millie Williams-12 Famous Hugh Hefner Hookups Ever


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