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Great Celebrity Name Changes

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 12:28 pm

1.Heather Sweet

Dita Von Teese is a glamorous lady and not many people know she started life as a blond called Heather Sweet! You just cannot see her doing so well with that name because it hardly gives her stage presence.

2.Susan Weaver

Who knew that Sigourney Weaver's real name is Susan Weaver. Somehow Susan doesn't match up to the glamorous name Sigourney, so she certainly made the correct decision to change things around.

3.Katheryn Hudson

Katy Perry's real name is Katheryn Hudson. Just think if she had decided on keeping her name to Kate Hudson. So in a bid to move away from that, she snapped up her mothers maiden name Perry.

4.Destiny Cyrus

Myley Cyrus actually has the real name of Destiny Hope Cyrus. However, the name change still does not explain her behavior in recent times because surely it cannot be a rebellion against that?

5.Chris Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher was Christopher Kutcher. Ashton is Kutchers middle name, so this is more like just moving the names around a bit rather than a full on change.

6.Amanda Rogers

Portia Rossi started life out as Amanda Lee Rogers. Portia admits as a regular Australian girl she felt her name was not glamorous enough.

7.Love Michelle Harrison

Courtney Love began life as Love Michelle Harrison. Perhaps we are just used to Courtney but Love Michelle really doesn't suit her? However, what would suit her?


8.Maurice Micklewhite

Michael Caine is hardly a glamorous name, yet Caine started his life out as Maurice Joseph Micklewhite. One wonders if he would have enjoyed the same amount as fame as a Maurice?

9.Myra Amos

Tori Amos was not always Tori. She was Myra Amos. Tori was just a name that she felt suited her, there is no real deep reason behind the change.


10.Peter Hernandez

Bruno Mars started out life as Peter Hernandez. It is hard to even imagine calling Bruno Peter now? This is certainly an example where a name change was required.

11.Grace Mendoza

Grace Mendoza does not have such a ring to it as Grace Jones. Grace is very secretive about why she changed her name and is just as secretive about her age.


12.Alicia Foster

Jodie Foster was not always Jodie Foster. Her real name is Alicia Foster. Jodie was a nickname that her siblings gave her and you have to say that it does work quite well for her.


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