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15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 5:25 am

Did you know that some celebrities have siblings who look better than them? If not, keep reading! If you think the celebs are hot, their siblings will blow your mind with their stunning looks. Most of the celebrity siblings aren't popular. They don't live under their sibling's fame. They have careers of their own, and they absolutely love living their life. At times, we see those celebrity siblings accompanying their super popular brothers and sisters at awards and other important events. Following are the fifteen pictures that show top celebrities posing with their much hotter and better-looking sibling!
7.Adam Levine

Adam is a cool guy, but a lot of women do prefer the looks of his younger brother, Michael. Fine he is not as talented or as famous as his big brother, but apparently women like that he has slightly rougher and more chiseled looks about him and they do think that he looks hotter than Adam. However, clearly his fame would sway things for a number of women, so Michael is still up against it.

Adam Levine-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

8.Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz's younger sister Monica Cruz is a Spanish actress. She lives in Spain. Apparently, Monica is as hot as her sister! She has been acting in Spanish films for the past decade or so, but she came to the spotlight when she worked as Penelope Cruz's body double in the "Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" (2011) movie. Penelope Cruz was pregnant with Javier Bardem child during the filming of the movie, and the crew found it difficult to hide her big belly. The team then hired Monica Cruz to stand as Penelope Cruz's body double while filming the long shots. 

Penelope Cruz-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

9.Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer is gorgeous, but her sister Dedee is also hot and indeed a lot of people will argue that she is actually the hottest out of the two. Dedee is an actress in her own right, but clearly not to the same fame as her sister, but she is at least blessed with some good looks and in Hollywood that really does count for a lot.

Michelle Pfeiffer-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

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