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15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 5:25 am

Did you know that some celebrities have siblings who look better than them? If not, keep reading! If you think the celebs are hot, their siblings will blow your mind with their stunning looks. Most of the celebrity siblings aren't popular. They don't live under their sibling's fame. They have careers of their own, and they absolutely love living their life. At times, we see those celebrity siblings accompanying their super popular brothers and sisters at awards and other important events. Following are the fifteen pictures that show top celebrities posing with their much hotter and better-looking sibling!
4.Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson looks gorgeous, but with rugged looks and being the tall, dark, and handsome type, it is her brother Oliver who is seen as being the more attractive out of the two. He too is an actor, but even forgetting about their fame and fortune if you had a poll, then he would win as long as you asked women because clearly guys will always vote for her.

Kate Hudson-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

5.Heidi Montag

While Heidi went and had plastic surgery in order to look good it must be annoying for her that her sister Holly did nothing of the sort and still looks hotter. Holly is far more natural looking and she is clearly blessed with just being gorgeous in general and there is certainly no way that she needs to undergo any surgery to correct anything on her body.

Heidi Montag-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

6.Emma Watson

Emma Watson has evolved into a gorgeous woman over the years. Emma is a beauty with brains girl. What many people don't know is that the "Harry Potter" actress has a lesser-known male sibling, who looks equally good. This guy in the picture is Alex Watson, brother of Emma Watson. Alex is now trying his best to become a renowned model in the fashion industry. Being a brother of a top celebrity did work to his advantage, as he has been receiving modeling gigs from leading UK brands like "Burberry." Alex does have killer looks, but only time will tell whether or not he will become as famous as his sister!

Emma Watson-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

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