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15 Bizarre Lil Wayne's Tattoos And Their Meanings

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 6:18 am

Most celebrities love tattoos. They have some really beautiful and amazing tattoos inked on their bodies. The celebrity singers usually have more tattoos than the actors or actresses in the Hollywood. It is understandable that people who act in movies or TV shows can't really have tattoos like the rappers. When we talk about rappers who have tattoos, we need to talk about Lil Wayne. If you ever saw a shirtless picture of Lil Wayne, you would see nothing but tattoos on his body. We doubt even Lil Wayne knows how many tattoos are there on his body! Here are fifteen Lil Wayne Tattoos and their meanings. 

#6 Soo Woo Tattoo Under His Left Ear For His Bloods

Lil Wayne is perhaps the most famous Bloods member, and he is never afraid of showing his loyalty to the gang publicly. As you may know, Soo Woo is a kind of gang slogan used by the Bloods members. This tattoo also reminds us the lethal side and the shady past of Lil Weezy! He was once an active and influential member of the gang, but little do people know about the things Lil Wayne had done as a gangster. Although we are curious to learn about his past, we think it may be wise not to ask people with such gang tattoos too many questions!

Soo Woo Tattoo Under His Left Ear For His Bloods-15 Bizarre Lil Wayne's Tattoos And Their Meanings


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