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Man Photoshops Himself With Famous Celebrities

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 10:12 am

Photoshop is a great tool, It can transform your photos into unbelievable masterpieces. It doesn't matter whether you are ugly, fat, short or have wrinkles and acne on your face. With few mins all your troubles can be removed; Well, Atleast from your photos. Although, Photoshop is a great tool, It's not a lame man's job to create those perfect photos. Many people try to grab their hand on photoshop but end up creating huge photoshop fails. But this guy who has an emense skill in editing celebrity photos only to add himslef in their photos is near to perfection, Some of his photoshop edits are even hard to tell they are edited. Here are 24 Photos of Peeje phtoshopping himself into celebrity photos.
1.Here is your McDonald's

See with Photoshop you can even start to put in potential jobs for yourself as we can see here. In this image he is clearly a delivery boy for McDonald's and boy does he have one excited customer sitting there ready and waiting for him.

2.Jay-Z is shocked

Well Jay-Z is certainly looking shocked, but then he has just discovered his wife in a hot tub with another guy, so it is only to be expected. At least he can then photoshop himself out of the situation if he wished to do so.

3.Let me in on the selfie!

You just know that he is going to be quite angry at not being included in the selfie here or is that a look of disgust in his eyes? He certainly looks to be quite curious about something.

4.Ride that bike

See the problem here is that he is clearly far too heavy for the bike and the result is that they have almost toppled off. Anyway he is looking quite smug by it all while at least she seems to be having a good time.

5.Get those legs in there

Ok so how difficult was this photograph to photoshop in the first place? It must have been difficult getting the legs sorted out like that and yeah ok you know it has been done, but it still ends up with a fun image.

6.One of the boys

Well he is clearly one of the boys in this image, but yet again Kanye does not look best impressed. It is maybe the fact that he has not made an effort with dressing up, but instead just looks as if he has thrown on the first thing he saw in his room.

7.Pass the bottle

Ahh the relaxing holiday snaps that we all know and love apart from the fact that he is not even there in the first place. However, at least with this altered image he can at least pretend that he was and start to fill that photo album that has been empty for years.


8.Is he texting her?

Well this is what you call close protection because boy is he close to the Queen. However, he is not the kind of royal bodyguard that you would expect to see, so it is no wonder that she is not exactly looking amused by it all.

9.You just wait Jay-Z

Well Jay-Z does not look too impressed and can you blame him when some other guy is walking arm in arm with his wife? He just looks quite cocky about it as well, but then most of us would feel the exact same if we were in this position.


10.Being serenaded

Well surely if you are going to lounge around anywhere it is best to lounge around while you are being serenaded? Just look at the feeling and passion in his eyes for her, ok maybe that is photoshopped as well.

11.Looking for nits

Is this the right time to actually be looking through her hair for any little insects or beasts that are living in there? It looks like those well known scenes where one monkey is grooming the other, but this time one is wearing a baseball cap.

12.The flying tackle

Ahh what a hero with the way he has tackled him in mid-air like this. See how he just comes to the rescue and decides to put his body on the line in this way. We salute you for your bravery.

13.Big hugs

This photoshop attempt is actually very difficult to do when you consider there is not a lot of space to work with. However, the best part is the way in which he has managed to get it to look as if LeBron really is giving him a huge hug.

14.Peeking over your shoulder

No wonder Halle Berry has a slightly strange look on her face with this guy leering over her shoulder. She looks a bit tense in all honesty, but then you would do in this kind of situation.

15.The butt of all jokes

Ahh so now her secret is out and Kim does not actually have a butt like that. Instead, it has to be carried there like an extra, but what a nice job that is to have.

16.Smug awards

This is a cool picture as it does look as if he is at some kind of awards ceremony, but then look the side of the photograph where there appears to be a rather disgruntled and upset Chris Brown. No wonder he is pulling that face.

17.Up close and personal

Is it any wonder that he is looking slightly apprehensive here? Would you not feel the same if you were under her as she writhed about in this costume?

18.Just lie still

In this instance it is quite apt that he has a slight look of fear on his face considering the position he finds himself in. The added extra of Billy Ray Cyrus above them just adds to the rather awkward feeling of the entire image.

19.No wonder he looks happy

Well if you were going to photoshop yourself into a situation, then surely you would go ahead and choose something like this? No wonder he has a smug grin on his face.

20.A nice hug

Well is it any wonder that he has photoshopped himself into this image and made sure that he is giving the thumbs up about it? Nope as we would probably all do the exact same thing ourselves if we were given half the chance.

21.At the birth

Well is he not quite lucky to be present at the birth of North West? Yeah, yeah the entire thing has been photoshopped, but none of them look that happy about all of this do they?

22.In a headlock

Well it seems as if he has managed to upset Kanye West here by the way that he is now in some kind of strange headlock. Of course we can see he has been trying to take a photograph, so maybe it showed Kanye smiling.

23.What is he whispering?

Well the big question here is what is he whispering in her ear because boy does she look shocked by it all. Maybe he has just told her that her dress is hideous?

24.On the bench

This photograph is hilarious since he is trying to replicate the way in which Kobe Bryant is completely fed up with how the game is going. The arm on the shoulder is just a nice little touch even though we know that it has indeed been photoshopped.


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