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15 Images That Show Miley Cyrus Has Become Trashy

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 7:20 am

Miley Cyrus is still one of the biggest names in Hollywood and American recording industry. People talk about her music and performance. They talk about Miley Cyrus Trashy behavior as well. At a very young age, Miley Cyrus won millions of hearts around the world with her incredible performance in Hanna Montana. She was like any other popular Hollywood celebrity until a couple of years back, but she has now followed a totally different league, though. Fans have no clue what really happened to this girl. Most of her songs and recent stage performances are heavily sexualized. Read these fifteen trashy and bizarre things Miley Cyrus has ever done. 

#10 Miley's Antics On Stage

At just 18, Miley was Complete with lingerie, a seductive lick of the lips and inappropriately grabbing herself. This choice behavior even had honorary "grandmother," Dolly Parton talking. Parton told Larry King that she thought Miley's behavior was "trashy." She even went so far as to question who around her was encouraging her inappropriate behavior. Obviously, Miley didn't take Parton's comments to heart. Instead of becoming more classy, the girl keeps getting more trashy. Is she really growing up?

Miley's Antics On Stage-15 Images That Show Miley Cyrus Has Become Trashy


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