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Most Controversial Music Videos Ever

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 1:07 pm


The Strokes tried so hard to be controversial here by putting different sex scenes in the video for this song. In particular they focused on what is called the sex face, so if you are not prudish, then you will probably find this funnier than upsetting.


The bang Justice went all out with this video and they included scenes of gang violence just to try to get your attention. They filmed it all themselves, but still made sure that it looked like a news report, so on the one hand it was clever, but on the other it was a scary movie.


This was a fantastic song by Pearl Jam, but sadly the video leaves a lot to be desired. The Jeremy guy has had a tough time at school, so the video focuses on him getting his bloody revenge and it is certainly not the kind of video that you would expect from this band.

4.Pagan Poetry

Bjork has always wanted to be different and an individual and in this video she manages to add in some graphic sex scenes. There is no real need for it, but it is in there, so if you like music to your porn, then perhaps checking it out is right up your street.


This Nine Inch Nails song ended up featuring bondage scenes, nudity, and cruelty to animals, so it is no wonder that it is seen as being very controversial. People could probably put up with the bondage and nudity part, but the animals? No chance.

6.Try Try Try

The Smashing Pumpkins loved to try to be a bit different and they managed to do that with this video because it dealt with prostitution and drug taking. It is hardly the kind of image you really want to put across with a music video, but they did it anyway.

7.Born Free

This video by MIA was controversial as it seemed to focus on ginger people being rounded up in some kind of hair color genocide. They also used SWAT teams, presumably armed with hair dye, and overall you were left wondering as to what on earth was going on.


8.I want your sex

This was a song by George Michael and it was controversial because it showed naked women and him basically writing on them. However, this is clearly quite normal compared to things that good old George himself was getting up to in his own life.

9.Heart shaped box

This was a song by Nirvana and the video was their most controversial ever. It featured KKK robes and new born children and what the link is between them is anybody's guess.


10.Window Seat

This video by Erykah Badu was controversial as it involved them stripping naked and lying down on the spot where JFK was killed. You can immediately understand the reaction of people at seeing this and it was certainly a moment where they hit the big time even if it was for the wrong reasons.

11.Smack My Bitch Up

This video by The Prodigy was very controversial when it was released as it involved sex, drugs, being sick, and a transvestite. They really did go over the top with the things they put in the video, but it got them publicity and that is what they were after.


12.Like a Prayer

This video by Madonna was controversial since it featured crosses on fire and of course in America that is one seriously controversial move. Of course she was the Queen at doing things to get attention and it certainly did not stop the song from becoming a hit.


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