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15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 4:14 pm

Life of celebs is filled with booze and drugs. One day it's a birthday party, the next day it's a movie success party and third day it's an award function and the list goes on. Living a celebrity life requires alot of control on yourself if you are trying to quit a bad habit like Alcohol. Here are 14 photos of celebs being drunk.
7.Mr & Mrs Smashed

Here the Jolie-Pitts grope each other at a party after hitting the bottle. It is good to know the couple find time to be romantic, since they have over 300 kids and work 23 hours a day.

Mr & Mrs Smashed-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

8.Pammy Becomes Zombie Drunk

Pamela goes from sexy bimbette to swamp zombie when she is drunk. Even the guy next to her gets red zombie eyes in the process.

Pammy Becomes Zombie Drunk-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

9.Down you Go.

Kiefer Sutherland enjoys a good tipple now and then. Here the media caught him with his pants down. Except they were really down!

Down you Go.-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

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