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15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 4:14 pm

Life of celebs is filled with booze and drugs. One day it's a birthday party, the next day it's a movie success party and third day it's an award function and the list goes on. Living a celebrity life requires alot of control on yourself if you are trying to quit a bad habit like Alcohol. Here are 14 photos of celebs being drunk.
4.Tara Hits Rock Bottom

Tara Reid hits the gutter after one too many. It is time to call A.A. when you hit the gutter you know Tara?

Tara Hits Rock Bottom-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

5.Tara Palmer Tomkinson

Tara alights from a taxi with her cell phone stuck on her thigh. (Don't you just hate when that happens?) It seems she had too much plonk. You have to remember she is an IT girl in the UK with close ties to Prince William and Prince Harry.

Tara Palmer Tomkinson-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

6.Katy Perry Drunk

Katy Perry is not new to being drunk and wasted; She was snapped being drunk on numerous occasions along with her celebrity friends. All though she is an avid drinker, No misconduct has been reported from her until now.

Katy Perry Drunk-15 Celebrities Who Were Caught Drunk

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