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Rock Star Selfies

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 9:01 am

1.Paul McCartney again

Paul has managed to make himself look a bit cooler in this selfie, but you do start to get the impression of him jumping into any selfie that is being taken around him. However, would you push him out of your shot if he did it to you?

2.Another Dave Grohl

This is another Dave Grohl selfie, but it deserves to be included as it is just such a cool photograph. Yes he does have a burger in his mouth, but this is just something that you expect him to do since it is a bit mad.

3.Paul McCartney

It is no surprise to discover that Paul McCartney has been in some selfies, but in this instance he is in it with the US rapper called Macklemore. That in itself is unusual and what is that face that he is trying to pull?

4.Bruce Springsteen

Bruce does not appear to be that enthusiastic about being in a selfie, but he is putting up with it anyway. She certainly seems to be happier than him, but then he has had his photograph taken millions of times, so must be bored of it by now.


This was at music awards in the UK and it is absolutely hilarious to discover that Prince has actually been in a selfie. He does look as if he is having a great time, but what is that face that he is pulling?


It was harder than you may have thought to get Bono in a selfie and that is surprising considering he tends to push his way into most things. However, here he is having one taken and it is just a pity that we do not get to see the end result.

7.Michael Stipe

This could be seen as being your classic Michael Stipe pose and if you were going to guess as to what his selfie would be like, then it would be something along these lines. He does not believe in anything fancy, but instead it is all about just looking cool.


8.Mick Jagger

Yes this is indeed Mick Jagger and Oprah in a selfie together and that is one mightily strange combination. Oprah does appear to be happier about it than Mick, but just the fact that he is in one is cool.

9.Lenny Kravitz

Now this has to be one of the best selfies ever as you not only have Lenny, but you also have Leo di caprio and Bradley Cooper in there as well. No wonder he wanted to show it off to everybody because would you not want to do the same?


10.Joel Madden

Ah yes good old Joel taking a selfie on his wedding day. The thing is he does look pretty cool in this snap, but then did you ever expect him to take a picture of himself that was not cool?

11.Steve Tyler

Steve Tyler is showing us what he thinks of the selfie by taking one that is just completely over the top. At least he has not stuck out his tongue yet or that would be just a bit too much for the camera on the phone.


12.Dave Grohl

This has to be one of the coolest selfies ever taken, but that is just because Dave Grohl is one of the coolest rock stars out there just now. This is how a selfie should be taken.


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