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12 Shortest Celebrity Marriages Ever

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 7:43 am

These celebs' decision to part ways came even before their stomachs evacuated the wedding cake they had eaten on their wedding day! Throughout the history, we have seen many celebrity marriages going in flames in a flash. The divorce rate in celebrity community is quite high. What's more terrible than that is the stars' inability to live happily as a couple even for a few days after tying the knot. Oh man, a celebrity divorce is a mess. A star could be losing millions in the name of spousal/child support. We have no idea what drives these crazy celebs into making poor relationship decisions. Read more about 12 of the short-lived celebrity marriages ever. 

#8 Drew Barrymore

The marriage of Drew Barrymore to Jeremy Thomas lasted a mere 30 days of happy wedding bliss and you do have to question why they decided to get married in the first place when it just seemed to be so doomed to failure. Surely they had some happy times in those few weeks? It cannot have been all bad from the outset, could it? 30 days is just a ridiculously short period of time to be married for. Did you know Drew Barrymore had breast reduction surgery?

Drew Barrymore-12 Shortest Celebrity Marriages Ever



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