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Shortest Musicians Ever

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 7:42 pm


If you know anything about this guy, then you will know that he is of course famous for being quite short. However, people will often not realize that he is only 5ft 2 inches tall as they do think that he is slightly bigger than that, but then he does wear shoes with heels in them.

2.Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a massive superstar, but due to the fact that she tends to wear strange footwear that has massive heels it comes as a shock to discover that she is only actually 5ft 1 inch . It just shows you how our mind can be tricked by what others wear.

3.Dolly Parton

OK we all know that Dolly is not the tallest, but did you know that she only measures 5ft? There is a pretty good chance that if you put a tape measure around her breasts that it will work out to be the same.

4.Demi Lovato

Demi is only 5ft 3 inches tall, but she is cute and can sing very well indeed, so unless you have a thing against certain heights it is not as if it will have an impact on how you feel about her. She is just another example of somebody that is well proportioned and great at what they do.

5.Bruno Mars

This guy has been one of the biggest superstars in the last couple of years, but did you know that he is only 5ft 3 inches tall? Yep he is actually quite short, but then do we actually care when he keeps producing cool music?


Even though she does all of that shaking and has a powerful voice, she manages to produce it all from a body that is only 5ft 2 inches tall. She certainly knows how to make the most out of what she has.

7.Britney Spears

Believe it or not, but Britney is only 5ft 4 inches tall when most people consider her to be a good few inches taller than that. However, she has certainly still had a great career since height does not play a role in how well you can sing.


8.Avril Lavigne

Avril is only 5ft 1 inches tall, but the surprising thing is that most people already guessed that she was short anyway. She really is tiny when you then consider that she does not weigh much either.

9.Paul Simon

This guy has been around for decades and is seen as being one of the best musicians and songwriters of all time. However, he is smaller than you think as he only stands at 5ft 3 inches tall, but it does not take away any enjoyment of listening to his music.


10.Angus Young

Yep this guy from ACDC is very small for a man since he is only 5ft 2 inches tall. Of course that has not stopped him from being in one of the biggest bands of all time, so his stature in music certainly towers over his own physical height.

11.Lil Kim

Lil Kim does indeed stick to her name since she is only 4ft 11 inches tall, but she is certainly what you would call a pocket rocket. It does help that she will normally wear high heels in order to lift her up a bit and get some extra height to herself.


12.Christina Aguilera

Christina is only 5ft 2 inches tall, but she certainly packs a lot of power in that small frame. It is actually quite deceptive as people are shocked to discover that she is so short, but then we are not listening to her due to any height issues are we?


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