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Things You Didn't Know About Ryan Gosling

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 7:27 pm

1.Ryan's Gosling's Good and Bad Nicknames

In Hollywood, he's known as Ryan or Mr. Gosling, but he has a couple of other nicknames that his fans don't know. Ryan had twoopposing nicknames in high school. He was called both "Opie" and "Trouble" by his peers. The two names present a "good boy" and bad boy" personality.

2.Threw Knives at Classmates

Ryan Gosling was one of those kids who would mimic the things he saw on television. When he was a kid, he brought some steak knives to school and hurled them at the other children during recess. Gosling said that he got the idea from the 1982 movie,First Blood.

3.Britney Spears and Ryan Gosling: childhood Friends

You wouldn't know it today, but Ryan Gosling was very close to certain Pop Princess when he was young. Gosling and Britney Spears were co-workers on The Mickey Mouse Club. The duo was like peanut butter and jelly. It is rumored that the twosome even played Spin the Bottle when they were kids.

4.Ryan Gosling loves Motorbikes

Ryan Gosling has been a big fan of motorbikes and dirt bikes since he was a kid. He doesn't seem like the daredevil type, but he has a need for speed.Gosling bought his very first motorbike when he was just 12-years-old. He even did some of his own bike stunts in the film, "The Place Beyond the Pines."

5.Turned Down the Backstreet Boys

Ryan Gosling could have been a member of one of the biggest boy bands of the 90s. Current Backstreet Boys member AJ McLeanpersonally asked Gosling to audition for a spot in the band. Though he loved music, Gosling turned down McLean's offer so he could pursue an acting career.

6.Ryan Gosling Dated Rachel McAdams

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were in-love both on-screen and in real-life. Their film, The Notebook was released in 2004. The pair then began dating in the middle of 2005 and then ended their relationship in 2007. Gosling and McAdams reunited briefly in 2008, but the fire had burned out. As recent as November 2013, rumors have surfaced that the pair are reportedly dating once again.

7.Owner of Tagine Restaurant

Ryan Gosling is an entrepreneur. The actor co-owns Tagine, a Moroccan restaurant located in Beverly Hills, California. The actor purchased the establishment on a whim. He reportedly said he spent all of his money on it. In fact, Gosling dedicated a year to doing the renovations himself. Today, he oversees the menus.


8.Ryan Gosling: The PETA Supporter

Ryan Gosling is a huge advocate of PETA. His dedication to stopping animal cruelty led him to writing a letter to Jerry Kozak, the president and CEO of the National Milk Producers Federation. In the letter, heurged him to require farmers to throw out dehorning by breeding naturally hornless, cattle.

9.Gosling's "Put Me in My Car"

Gosling isn't just an actor; he's a singer as well. In 2007, Gosling recorded and released a song called "Put Me in the Car," which is still available for download on the web. Later on that year, Gosling formed an indie rock band withfriend Zach Shields. The band was called dead Man's Bones.


10.The Notebook Table

The Notebook is one of Ryan Gosling's most memorable roles to-date. His character, Noah, worked in a lumber yard. Gosling takes his job very serious, so he built the kitchen table featured in The Notebook to help him prepare for the role. The table is where one of Noah and Allie's love scenes takes place.

11.Mickey Mouse Club Member

Ryan Gosling has come a long way in his acting career. He was a child actor who got his start on The Mickey Mouse Club. He starred on the show from 1993-1995. He was even living with fellow Mickey Mouse Club star Justin Timberlake for a short period of time.


12.Only God Forgives Movie

Ryan Gosling has the ability to make an impact no matter how small the role. In the movie Only God Forgives, Gosling only had 22 lines throughout the entire film. In addition to that, in order to prepare for the role Gosling underwent intense Muay Thai training. He also ate a traditional Thai diet.


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