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15 Worst Celebrity Makeup Disasters Ever

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 10:04 am

Celebrities probably spend hours in their room dressing and putting up makeup before stepping out. They take great care, and put really huge efforts to look good. They hire best makeup artists, and spend thousands of dollars on cosmetics. What if they still get their makeup wrong? Inexcusable, right? Here are fifteen celebrities who shocked their fans with their horrible makeup. Some of them look very scary. Scroll down with caution! 
1.Tyra Banks

Trick or Treat! Unfortunately, it was nowhere near Halloween when Tyra was spotted with this frightening makeup job. It's hard to say what her excuse was, but who knows? Maybe she was auditioning for the rock group Kiss. Or maybe she just didn't know how silly she looked.

2.Kelly Osbourne

While she has thankfully abandoned this look for quite some time, it's hard to forget that, yes, this is what Kelly Osbourne once looked like. She would rather we all forgot it, but we can't as long as people like me have endless access to this photo and others just like it.

3.Brooke Shields

There was a time when Brooke Shields was recognized as an international beauty. Sadly, times have changed. These days Brooke Shields is lucky to be recognized at all -- at least if she chooses to be seen with this ghastly makeup job. The smudged lipstick is a nice touch.

4.Mariah Carey

There are songstresses that have a quality that could be best described a "natural shine," which means they have a glow that emanates from their every move. And there are songstresses that have an "unnatural shine," which means they have no idea how to put on blush.

5.Paloma Faith

"Rosa, I want your honest opinion." "Yes, Ms. Faith." "Does this look work for me? Does it bring out my inner beauty?" "Yes, Ms. Faith." "And you don't think I look foolish? You don't think the stripe down my nose is a bit excessive?" "No, Ms. Faith." "And don't think... hey, why are you laughing?"

6.Ashley Judd

Now this is an actress! The magnificent Ms. Judd can portray any sort of character that is demanded of her. She can even play an actress who spent way too much time in the tanning booth and tried to cover the accident up with a bad makeup job. The Oscar goes to...

7.Lindsay Lohan

Few actress have been blessed with Lindsay Lohan's versatility. She can embarrass herself with drugs. She can embarrass herself with alcohol. She can run her once-vibrant career into the ground with any tool you give her -- even a makeup kit. Lovely job, Grandma -- I mean, Lindsay.


8.Amy Childs

Thanks to a truly horrific makeup job, Amy Childs looks as if she has the kind of complexion you'd get if you sun tanned on Mars. Now, with a scary shade, this lovely woman would look right at home sealed in a bag of Doritos. Still yummy, but a different kind of yummy.

9.Drew Barrymore

Remember Drew Barrymore the fresh-faced child star who welcomed E.T into her arms? Remember Drew Barrymore the teen actress who battled her demons to find a respectable career? Remember Drew Barrymore the adult who kind of looked like a human? I don't -- not after this image has been seared into my head.


10.Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh, according to Wikipedia, is an English media personality. Keep in mind that the term "media personality" really means a person who is famous for being on TV a lot. But thanks to Marsh it now means a person who simply does not know how to apply makeup.

11.Emma Watson

This is pretty scary. It's scary that a grown woman would decide to leave the house looking like this. And it's scary that a woman as accomplished (and presumably wealthy) as Emma Watson could not afford a makeup artist. But mostly it's just scary because... well, seriously, just look at those eyes.

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12.Nicole Kidman

It looks like the actress and former Mrs. Tom Cruise went to the bathroom to powder her nose. And while she had no difficulty finding plenty of powder, she couldn't quite seem to find a mirror. It takes a pretty big effort to mess up a face this beautiful, but Nicole was clearly up for the challenge.

13.Pamela Anderson

The aging former star of Baywatch has never been known for her restraint. She's had enough reconstructive surgery for an entire cheerleading squad. And she has a sense of theatricality that would be sexy if she was twenty years younger. But this makeup job cancels out any attractiveness she may have left.

14.Chelsee Healey

Everything you may have heard about English actresses looking and behaving in a dignified way goes out the window with this. Chelsee Healey began with the idea of putting on way too much makeup and didn't stop there. She put on even more makeup. This is a disaster of epic proportions.

15.Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone is an elegant, lovely, well-respected actress who always conducts herself in a dignified, respectable manner. But she threatens to wipe all of that away with this horrendous makeup job. This is not the way women of her age should look. This is not the way women of any age should look.


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