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Amazing Headbands You Can Make Yourself

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 7:39 pm


Get some gems that sparkle, arrange them on a fabric background, add a feather, and you have an amazing headband that is both practical as well as being elaborate. Yes this one does take some more work on your part to complete, but it is certainly worth it in the end when you see how good it looks and surely you would be proud to wear this?


If you can still do the ancient art of knitting, then consider making your own headband using the type of wool that you prefer. It is better if it is quite thick and harder to knit with as it will be more suitable for on your head, but with a lot of designs out there at least you have options available.


If you just want to throw something together quickly, then get a summer scarf and learn how to tie the correct knot for an effective headband. The beauty about all of this is that there are so many designs out there that it will actually prove to be quite difficult trying to work out which ones to choose, so do shop around for something you will then love.


Are you like a lot of people and have a number of buttons lying around doing absolutely nothing? Well how about using them to make a headband such as this one here? All you need to do is to sew them together or attach them to a band underneath and you will get something that is very effective and looks quirky as well.


One clever idea is to take an existing boring headband and jazz it up a bit by using glitter or anything else that sparkles. This can completely transform it and it will only take you a matter of minutes to do and you also do not even need to have that many craft skills to produce something that really does look cool.

6.Rope and flowers

If you love the kind of hippy chick look, then by simply using rope, string, or twine and adding some beads or flowers you can get an effective headband that also looks fab. The idea behind this type is simplicity and as you can see it works very well indeed, so get creative, but keep it simple.


If you have the patience to work with beads, then you have so many potential designs available to you that it will be difficult to work out where to begin. Lay out your pattern before you even start and then get to work because by taking your time you can produce something that looks as cool as this.


8.Fabric & Felt

By combining two different materials you can produce a headband that really does look very good indeed. The different materials can compliment one another, but do check that they go together before you start in order to avoid disappointment later on. Use fabric for the main part, then consider felt for the details.


To make this you simply need some fabric, then cut out petals and glue them together, along with the basic headband part. Wrap some fabric around the band, then make your petals and glue into place and there really is nothing more difficult than that to produce a headband that really does look amazing.



If you are able to get some decorative feathers from somewhere, then you can make an amazing headband in next to no time. All you need is the frame, some glue, and to arrange the feathers as you see fit resulting in something that looks as good as this.


This headband is actually made out of fabric being cut up into squares and then glued into place and you have to say that it is rather effective in what it does. It gives this kind of ruffled effect due to the frayed edges and it is certainly an ideal casual headband to wear.



This is quite simple because all it involves is you taking an old pair of nylons, brightly colored works best, and simply work on tying them into various cool knots and putting them on your head. This is cheap, it is effective, and it looks great as long as you do a good job of the tying, so is there any need to do anything else?


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