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15 Best Tattoo Cover Ups Ever

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 12:06 pm

We can't always tell how a tattoo is going to look like until it’s done. In most cases, they come out good. In some cases, tattoos don't look as good as they were supposed to look. What if you get a tattoo, and don't like it personally? Remove it off? Hey, it's not going to be that easy to remove a tattoo. There are laser removal procedures to remove a tattoo, but they are either too pricey or don't completely remove the tattoo and some even turn into tattoo removal disasters. So, what’s the best way to handle a bad or ugly tattoo? Get a cover-up tattoo! Cover-up tattoos are becoming extremely popular these days. A few skilled tattoo professionals use their creativity to ink a new tattoo on an existing bad tattoo. Do you want to see how cover-up tattoos work? Check these fifteen amazing and best tattoo cover-ups! 

This is another cool example of how to cover up something too sweet and cuddly for something a bit more hardcore, although in this example it is not over the top either, and the finished result really does look better. The bear is now completely covered along with the writing and they have done a fantastic job of blending features into the new tattoo to result in something that you cannot fail to love.

2.Tribal 3

There is a recurring theme in the covering up of tribal tattoos with something far superior and this is yet another example. Once again the one on the left is pretty boring whereas on the right you have something big and impressive. There is no way that anybody can say that the original is better as the new one is bold without being over the top.

3.Tribal 2

The tattoo on the left is pretty basic, so how cool is it that they have gone from that basic piece of art to something that is as impressive as the one on the right. You would never even think that it was the same arm and it must have been expensive and a long process to get to the finished result. There is so much going on in the new one that you cannot help but look at it whereas with the old one you would be bored instantly.


This person has gone for a complete change of image here with a dragon being covered up with a giant lily and you have to admit that the lily is far superior in every conceivable way. It is big. It is bold. It is so much better than a rather poor dragon and at least you would not have to feel as if you need to cover it up at every given opportunity.


OK as a drunken idea you might go ahead and get marijuana tattooed on your arm, but at least they have rectified their mistake by getting a rather cool tattoo of the reaper to cover it. The one on the right is an absolute work of art whereas the one on the left it is just a mess. You should always prefer the one on the right even if you do not like the topic.

6.Dodgy peacock

This shows the importance of choosing a good artist as both of these tattoos are supposed to be a peacock, but there is no comparison between them. The one on the left is an absolute mess and you struggle to understand what is going on. However, the one on the right is fat superior and it looks the way it is supposed to do and will look cool for a long time.

7.Clover to freedom

What a difference a cool tattoo makes to you because there is no comparison between the first one and the last one. Once again the initial tattoo looks like a home made one, or at least one that was done when the person had little money, but compare it to the end result and see how fantastic it is. That is a tattoo that you would be showing to people that even had no interest in it.



Those skulls shaped as cherries are just strange and why anybody would want that on them is something that only they can answer. However, this cover up has resulted in them going from one extreme to the other as they have more than covered it up by having a huge tattoo over their side of a pin up girl and what a tattoo it is. You cannot fail to be impressed by this.


First, what is going on at the top there? What exactly is that meant to be? It has to be one of the worst tattoos to have ever existed on a person especially when you then contrast it with what has been done below That is one of the best butterflies or flying insects you will ever see and how they have blended the bad tattoo into it is a masterstroke.


10.Bad name

What do you do if you split up from the person you have tattooed on your chest? Yes never mind getting it removed, but instead get a simple void put over their name just to draw more attention to the fact that you are no longer together. It is a bit uncertain if this idea was actually fully thought through or if it was a spur of the moment that will now require even more covering up.

11.Bad dog

What exactly is that on the left? It looks like a tattoo that was done by somebody who was drunk on somebody else who was also drunk. It just makes no sense and why anybody would go ahead and have that put on them is a question that can perhaps never be answered. The party dog that replaced it is very cool and you know it will raise a smile when people see it and it is a huge improvement on what went before.

12.Hot Dog

How ridiculous is the tattoo on the top? It is a hot dog and some fries and why you would want that done is a complete mystery. The way in which they have both been covered up is impressive, but then to make sure that the terrible tattoo was hidden it always meant that you needed something as big and as bold as this. It is very well done and at least you could then be proud of showing it to others.


The stars look so depressing and even more so when you compare it to what they ended up getting with Jimi Hendrix staring back at you. How apt that they have gone from stars to one of the biggest stars in the history of music and you can see how the art work is far superior to what they had before. Imagine how proud you would be of owning the tattoo on the right.

14.Gas mask

Tribal tattoos are now quite common, but even though they do look cool it does not look as cool as the gas mask on the right. That is one amazing tattoo and you would love to have something like that on your arm and what a difference from the starting point as well. The artist has done a fantastic job and it would certainly make you walk around in a sleeveless top just to let people see it.

15.Bad bird

How much more impressive does that tattoo look on the right compared to the one on the left? You would rightfully be embarrassed by the one on the left and you cannot blame the person for wanting it covered up like that. The new one looks bigger, is more colorful, and makes more of a statement and you would now want to show it off.


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