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Tattoo Removal Disasters

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 9:24 am


This one really is infected and you have to feel sorry for the person that is trying to get it removed. That just looks so painful that you cannot help but wonder what one earth happened during the procedure for it to end up looking as bad as this.

2.Who knows?

You have to admit that you will be looking at this attempt at removing it and wondering what is going on. This is a tattoo that might have looked not too bad at one point, but now you see the skin is going red, the white part is strange, and overall there is no real sense of that piece of art going anywhere soon.

3.Scary leftover

Yes this is Megan Fox and the key part of her this time is her right arm. At first she had a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on there, but she then decided to get it removed. The only problem is that the outline is still there and instead of looking like her it now looks like something closer to the character Beetlejuice.

4.Different skin

The problem with this one is that the person has been left with a patch of skin that basically has no color. Obviously this in itself is a disaster because you can still see where the tattoo was and surely it looks worse when you are left with this part than still having the tattoo itself?


Believe it or not, but this is what was left after an attempt to remove the tattoo using a technique that includes acid. What happens here is that at times the person can react and it leads to these black scabs that get infected, so you still faintly have the tattoo and you also look like a leopard.

6.White spots

This just looks horrible. All you have done here is to swap your tattoo for a series of white spots, so what was the point in that? It now looks as if you have some strange and dangerous skin disease and you need to be avoided at all costs and do you really want that to happen?

7.Blood blisters

These blood blisters will probably turn your stomach when you look at them and it is understandable why. They say that they really are as painful as you would imagine them to be and it just cannot be good for your health if you react in this way to having a tattoo removed.


8.Poor attempt

This has to be one of the worst attempts are removing a tattoo that you are ever likely to see because all that has happened is that parts of it have been taken off leading to large areas still sitting there clearly visible. It is as if they ran out of money half way through the procedure leading to what you see before you now.


What else can be said about this other than it is an absolute mess. This tattoo has not been removed, but instead it has been messed around a bit with the colors resulting in something that will undoubtedly look worse than the tattoo that was originally there.


10.Looking sore

You have to admit that this tattoo just looks as if it has made everything absolutely raw. That has to be sore the minute anything touches it and surely something has to be done to it in order to make it feel that little bit better? Most people will simply cringe when looking at this.


How painful does this scar look? It is referred to as a keloid scar and unfortunately some people are more prone to getting them than others. The result is something that just looks so painful and horrible that you cannot help but feel sorry for them.



Just how horrific does this actually look? This person has seriously reacted to the tattoo being removed resulting in these huge bubble like blisters appearing on their skin. This is not something that you want to happen to you because the chances of something going wrong are certainly high.


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