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12 Cutest Girl Haircuts That You Need To Try Right Now

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 5:22 am

Why is it that not many girls experiment a great deal with their hair? They sure try out a lot with their makeup and outfits, but when it comes to their hair, they maintain the same hairstyle for years. Hey, girl, you are young, You are healthy, You look beautiful. Why do you have to present your friends that same old and boring face every day? Switch to short hair, and go for a pixie cut. If you are too reluctant to chop off your long locks, braid your hair in a new way every day. In case if you want some inspiration, check these 12 cutest girl haircuts!

A plait can be simple or intricate here it is very intricately done and finished off with a purple bow. Both elegant and interesting girls love this style for its versatility.

2.The Waif

Emma Watson looks so cute in this short urchin cut. This cut will suite any girl wanting to go for the cute waif look. It looks good with fine or thick hair but could prove more work with wiry courser hair.

3.Princess Style

For girls with a hidden princess this cute style will suite any girl with mid-length to longish hair. The fringe is simply plaited and rolled into shape then held with a grip. It is great for wearing when you are growing out a fringe too.

4.The Messy Bob

This great style looks good on the beach or in the city. It is fresh and messed up and it is also seriously cool. The hair is a mix of dark and light blond which helps to show off the color contrasts and thus texture of this style.

5.The De-constructed bob

If you love the bob you will love this new take on it. De-constructing a bob is still popular and can even be more interesting with added extensions if your hair is quite short.

6.The Classic Bob

Yes the bob is still in fashion, it simply just changes shape a little. Or, length. Depending on your hair type you can wear the bob at any age. Just choose the correct style for your own particular hair.

7.Girlie Curls

Curls are very 'in' right now and so are soft ringlets. This girl has really made the most of it with a soft blue flower headband worn across her forehead. Don't be shy when trying out new hair ideas. Anything goes.


8.Something New

With plaits being so in vogue it is nice to see such an unusually styled plait such as this one. This possibly took quite a while and also a little imagination to create, but when it is done you have to admit that it looks really nice and will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Something New-12 Cutest Girl Haircuts That You Need To Try Right Now

9.Cartoon Hair

Some girls like to copy their favorite comic strip or doll, but obviously there are limits as to what you can go ahead and do. This young girl has certainly managed to carry off her favorite hairstyle with ease. The added sweets and bits and bobs all create the final look.


10.Plaits In Unusual Patterns

This plait is so unusual and well done, it is forming the shape of a heart on the back of the wearers head. Quite charming and very romantic even though it does take some time to perfect this particular style.

11.The Sophisticated Bow

The bow can be worn by Ladies too, here it looks very sophisticated and especially stunning on this raven haired beauty. Her shiny well kept hair adds to the glamour and you have to admit that it is a very nice hairstyle.

The Sophisticated Bow-12 Cutest Girl Haircuts That You Need To Try Right Now

12.Hairstyle Featuring The Bow

The bow is big news now in hair, it can be anywhere on the head and worn by any age. This golden bow looks peachy as part of a side pony tail and it is going to set tongues wagging when you see it in action.


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