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Dragon Ball Z Cosplay

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 6:14 pm


This Cosplay of Cell looks scarier than the actual character. Cell is one of the legendary super villains of the Dragon Ball Z series. Cell is a Bio-Android that still has a lot of human features, but this cosplay get-up makes him look like a mutated bug with a bone to pick.


This Broly should never show his bare chest out in public ever again. Dragon Ball Z's Broly is identified with having a chiseled chest and six-pack abs; none of which this guy has. Broly also has regal accessories and a powerful demeanor, meanwhile this guy's "accessories" look like they were made with felt and a glue gun.


If Chi-Chi was a real person, this is exactly what she would look like. Chi-Chi has had numerous hairstyles in her lifetime, but this is her most recognizable look. The real Chi-Chi's dress does have the collarbone decoration on the opposing side, but this cosplay look is a great imitation. The random Dragon Ball Z plush in her hand is a little odd, but this girl did a great job of emulating Chi-Chi.


When your Cosplay outfit looks like you're about to head to the gym, it's time to go get a refund. Videl isn't the most stylish or intricate Dragon Ball Z character, but this cosplay outfit does her no justice. The woman is sporting the exact same outfit Videl is known to wear, but her hair missed the mark. Videl was initially known to have poofy and exaggerated pigtails, whereas the woman in this photo has neatly brushed hair. Videl did eventually cut her hair during the Dragon Ball Z series, but even a haircut couldn't save this cosplay.


It's not easy being green, unless your name is Piccolo. He's a known villain in the Dragon Ball Z series, but this cosplay outfit makes Piccolo look harmless. The overall Piccolo concept is there, but there's something almost alien-like about his face paint. It could be due to the two misshapen antennas sticking out of this guy's head; which is something the real Piccolo doesn't have. Or it could be the lack of depth in the make-up job.


Since Frieza's helmet and outfit give the character its uniqueness, it would be hard for any cosplay lover to get the look wrong. The model has a keen attention to detail and even remembered to paint their nails just as Frieza does. Even though this person needs to lift some heavy weights to match Frieza's physique, the outfit is a real-life depiction of the Dragon Ball Z character.


For some reason, this guy thought using a winter scarf as a belt was a good idea. One great thing about this cosplay is that it's easily detectable as Gohan. The guy might have weird surfer hair, instead of spiked hair like the character, but he made a valiant effort to get the outfit right.



For someone who is supposed to be age 732, Vegeta looks equitably young. Vegeta is a tough muscle-bound character, but this guy makes him seem puny and weak. His cosplay outfit looks like it was made by someone who just learned how to sew. To top it all off, he doesn't seem too enthused to be in the outfit at all.


This guy may look like an Oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka, but it's actually Jeice. This cosplay has all of the basic elements that make Jeice the awesome character he is. Nevertheless, this guy looks like he went to the bathroom on himself because of all the make-up smeared on his underwear. Additionally, any real Dragon Ball Z fan knows that Jeice's eye protector goes on his left eye and not his right.


10.Lord Bills

This is one of the best Dragon Ball Z cosplay get-ups around. The outfit is the exact replica of the one Lord Bills is known to wear. This guy's make-up is done so well that it doesn't even look like a mask. Lord Bills isn't the most gorgeous character around, and this cosplay costume just makes him look downright scary.


Bulma has more wardrobe changes than a contestant in the Miss America pageant. However, this cosplay get-up is just tragic. The only remotely decent thing about this cosplay is the wig, and that's because it's the same color as Bulma's hair. This outfit looks like something you wear to a rave party on the weekend. Bulma is one of the cutesy females in the Dragon Ball Z series, but this girl is anything but cute. And she looks like she's trying to stop herself from peeing.


Goku is easily recognizable by his artichoke-like hair. This cosplay costume has all the right colors, but the guy wearing it looks like he just lost a battle. Just like the Dragon Ball Z character, this guy has the same exact build as Goku, but that dragon on his shoulder takes his manliness level down to -10.


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