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12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 6:10 pm

Unless you are extremely rich and own a real big villa, you have to deal with neighbors whether or not they are good. Most people will have good people around them, while some have to deal with at least one douchy in their community. Here are twelve notes left by good and responsible neighbors everyone of us want to have next door!
4.Guess Who Trained this Cat

Look what Norris cat has done to this community! This silly cat has been stealing stuff like t-shirts, jumpers, slippers, and what not! Rich and Soph decided to make a funny yet useful note to their neighbors, as they had enough of their cat. We wonder how many people have flocked their home ever since they put up this note!

Guess Who Trained this Cat-12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors

5.This Man Who Cares His Neighbor More than Anyone Else

Most people ignore, some try to let the car owner know about it; but only very few people try to help their neighbors this way. The person who has written this note is a perfect example of a good neighbor. He or she must be one patient, understanding and truly caring person.

This Man Who Cares His Neighbor More than Anyone Else-12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors

6.Caring neighbor

Notes like this will help us forget those little bad things happened to us. Watch how this unnamed person is supporting his or her neighbor by extending support and sympathy! There are two kinds of people; one that hit and run offering no support whatsoever, and other that helps people.

Caring neighbor-12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors

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